39th Bomb Group (VH)

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1st Lt Robert Hosford
Radar Observer

1st Lt Robert Hosford
Guam 1945

Robert Hosford was raised in Denison, TX where he met my Mom in high school and they were married soon after graduation.

My Dad went on after the war to earn a degree in Mechanical Enginerring from Uiv. of Oklahoma and was called up again for the Korean Crisis. He did not go overseas.

My recollections are limited about him. He was a quiet and gentle man and completely dedicated to his family. Very patriotic but as with most of the WWII vets did not talk readily about his experiences. I have some of his letters he wrote my Mom from Guam. In one letter he shared what he could about "what we are doing over here" and said "I truly believe what we are doing is to make sure "the boy" (me) will have a free land to live in and grow up in peace. I pray that this war will free him and his children from having to face the same."

He was the youngest of nine children and the only one to go to war. He was also the first to die.

Robert L. Hosford passed away 19 January 1964

Hosford's son, Robert Jr, would like to hear to from anyone who knew his father during his WWII days, you may contact him

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Source: Robert Hosford, Jr., son