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Here you will find thoughts and stories that may interest you from 39th Bomb Group (VH) Veterans.
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High School Students Learn from the Greatest Generation first hand
A look at Smoky Hill AAF Today sent in by Marvin Demanzuk 
Footage from the National Archives of the 39th in action 
Popcorn, Napalm and the Weather - The Role of Radar by Marvin Demazuk, Radar Observer, P-2  
Fu-go: War Suplus Hazzard for Hunters by John L. Perry 
University of Utah's American West Center (AWC). The AWC's "Saving the Legacy" is an ongoing project in which WWII veterans living in the state of Utah are extensively interviewed about their military service. 
A Look Back at Kofu Mission - an exchange of emails between Rowland Ball, Nav, Crew 3 and Hiroo Morobosi, lived in Kofu, Japan at the age of 14. - 12 March 2002
The B-29: Decisive Factor on the Defeat of Japan by Dr. Vic Durrance  - 28 Dec 2001
The New 20th Air Force by Hollis Logan, 39th BG Assoc 2nd VP - 17 Nov 2001
Crew 52 Nose Art Help Need
The Kamikaze Aircraft
960th Airborne Air Command
Japan's A-Bomb
FU~GO: Death Rides The Jet Stream
Requiem For Silver Birds
Finding Frank Novak
Wichita: 39th Destination in 2001
McCabe World War II History Project
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