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The following 39th Bomb Group Veterans have taken their Final Flight and are honored here. As well as being remembered by their family, they are remembered by their crewmates and fellow comrades at the Group's annual reunion during the Memorial Service in addition to those who were a Causality of War . New additions to list will appear in "red" between updates. If you know of someone from the 39th Bomb Group (VH) who has taken their Final Flight please email with their name, date of their passing, crew or MOS if known. Note: Orders called out the person serving as Co-Pilot as Pilot. Those who now adays we think of as Pilot held the position of Airplane Commander (AC). Therefore its noted here as it was on the orders and crew rosters.
Name | DOD |Crew or Sqd | Position/Section|Source
(V) = family, crew, obit or Association notification
(SSDI) = found on Social Security Death Index
(NGL) = found on Dept of VA - National Grave Locator
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M/Sgt Loren E. Abell 25 Feb 2000 P-54 Crew Chief (V)
Pfc Jesse J. Accunzo, 5 April 2014, 60th BS, Armament (V)
M/Sgt Thomas E. Addison 27 Feb 2003, P-15 Crew Chief (V)
Gerhart Aebi, 11 Jan 1998, 62nd BS, Left Gunner (V)
S/Sgt Thomas W. Aldrich, 1 Feb 2003, 61st BS, CFC Maint Mech (V)
Sgt Clyde R. Anderson 10 Aug 2004 P-16, Radio Op (V)
Cpl Francis S. Anderson, 10 Apr 1995, 60th BS, Mechanic: Electrical, (V)
Capt Gordon A. Anderson 17 Dec 2005, P-24, AC (V)
Sgt John W. Anderson 28 Nov 1944 - AFCE 62nd BS (Miller Crew passenger)
T/Sgt Norbert Anderson 24 Mar 2010 P-08 Left Gunner (V)
S/Sgt Eugene J. Andreotti, 14 Feb 2010, P-36, Left Gunner (V)
1st Lt Wayne E. Andrew, Pilot, P-42R (V)
S/Sgt James W. Andrews, CFC Gunner, P-42R (V)
1st Lt Julian R. Arnold 15 Jul 2005, P-44 Bombardier (V)
T/Sgt Melvin W. Arnold Oct 1977 P-37 CFC Gunner (V)
2nd Lt George Arthur 04 Jul 1990 P-49 Bombardier (V)
1st Lt Edmond T. Arvin 07 May 1997 P-43 AC (V)
Sgt Samuel G. Athey June 1984 P-52R Right Gunner (V)
Jesse Ausborn 28 April 1945 P-50 Flight Engineer stateside training accident (V)
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1st Lt Jospeh A. Bacigalupo 10 Feb 1998 P-36 Nav (V)
1st Lt William E. Badgley, 16 May 2009, P-07, Bombardier (V)
Sgt Leo F. Baker 19 April 1961, P-51 Left Gunner (V)
1st Lt Alphonse J. Baldi 09 May 2013, P-5, Pilot (V)
F/O Vincent J. Baldi 23 Jan 1991 P-26R Bombardier (V)
1st Lt Charles D. Baldridge 02 Nov 1999 P-10 Bomb (V)
1st Lt Rowland E. Ball, 06 Sep 2021 P-03, Navigator (V)
M/Sgt William L. Ballard 31May 2011 HQ, Intell NCO (V)
Capt William Farris Barthel, 15 Jun 2006 P-13/P-1 Nav (V)
1st Lt Donald A. Barton, 06 December 2013, P-17, AC, (V)
1st Lt Lewis D. Barton 20 January 2004 P-7, Navigator (V)
1st Lt Ray F. Basore 07 Sept 1995, Ordnance (V)
Cpl Louis H. Bass 12 Aug 1989, P-10, Mechanic (V)
Pfc Flyod P. Batchelor 28 Feb 2003 60th BS (V)
1st Lt Edward L. Bates 26 Aug 2005 P-21 Navigator (V)
1st Lt Robert B. Battin 25 Feb 1998 P-03 Bombardier (SSDI)
1st Lt William E. Baubie, II, 2 Dec 2007, P-38, Navigator (V)
Pfc Rudolph M. Bauer Jr.; 28 January 1999, 314th BW, Clerk, Oct. 43 - Dec. 45 (V)
Sgt Orrin S. Beane 24 Mar 1984 P-38 Tail Gunner (V)
M/Sgt George W. Beaver 3 Jan 1997 P-10 Flight Engineer (V)
Capt Joseph E. Becht 27 Jul 1995 P-08 Radar (V)
Sgt Gilbert Beegle, Mar 1993 P-30 Mechanic (V)
1st Lt Thomas A Bell 24 Jan 1997 P-10 AC (V)
1st Lt William J. Bennett Nov 1983 P-01 Bomb (V)
Sgt Hubert L. Benson - 21 Aug 1973, P-49 Right Gunner (V)
2nd Lt Lyman G. Benson, 11 Oct 2004, Romspert Crew 62nd BS, Pilot (V)
S/Sgt Homer G. Bergeman, 15 Feb 2012, 61st BS Bombsight Mech (V)
Sgt Aaron Berkson 30 Jul 1998 62nd Clerk (V)
Sgt Erwin L. Berkson Feb 1983 60th (V)
Robert M. Bettinson 30 May 2006, 62nd BS Ground Crew, (V)
M/Sgt Cecil G. Beverly 09 Feb 2007 61st BS Crew Chief, P-27 (V)
Cpl Leslie L. Bickford 14 Jun 1993 62nd Spec Equip Op (V)
2nd Lt Deforest Billyou Jan 1979 P-58 Navigator (V)
T/Sgt Bruno Blaz 13 Oct 1989 61st Tech Supply (SSDI)
S/Sgt Arnold M. Bleiman 7 Oct 1999 62nd BS CFC Maint (SSDI)
1st Lt Herman O. Blohm 8 May 2004 P-34, Navigator (V)
1st Lt Hyman Blumenstock 31 Aug 2002 P-36 Bomb (V)
S/Sgt Eugene Bockman 08 Jan 1999 P-02 Right Gunner (V)
1st Lt George M. Bopp, 24 April 2004, P-33 Bombardier (V)
S/Sgt Alfred G. Booker, 10 Feb 1945, Silver Crew, Flight Engineer (V)
Pfc Ira A. Bounds, 18 Feb 2005, 60th BS (V)
S/Sgt Herschel W. Bowling 18 Sep 2003 P-36 CFC Gunner (V)
S/Sgt Virgil Boyd 19 Dec 1996 P-43 Crew Chief (V)
1st Lt Robert D. Brace, 26 Dec 2008, P-58, Navigator (V)
1st Lt Wigo E. Brandt, 03 Nov 1999, P-42R (V)
2nd Lt Robert J. Brashears 27 Jul 1997 P-51 Bomb (V)
Robert Braskeore May 1992 (V)
Sgt Robert L. Breakiron, 19 Jan 2013, Crew 08, Tail Gunner (V)
2nd Lt Paul Bregman, Aug 1985, Crew 57, Navigator (V)
1st Lt Thomas H. Brennan, Jr., 21 Jan 2007, P-44, Nav, (V)
2nd Lt William K. Brooks, 10 Feb 2005, P-11R, AC (V)
1st Lt Richard G. Brinck, 10 Jul 1993, 1st Replacement Crew 06, Airplane Commader (V)
Roy W. Broome 11 Oct 1993 62nd BS Airplane & Engine Mechanic (V)
Robert O. Brower 02 Oct 1992 (V)
S/Sgt David C. Brown, 31 Dec 1947, P-25 Radio Operator, (V)
Sgt William F. Brown 13 Jun 1981 , P-05, Mech (V)
Sgt Normal C. Brug, 07 Aug 2015, Repl Crew 31, Mechanic, (V)
1st Lt George Bucher, 30 Dec 1952, P-21 Bombardier (V)
1st Lt Joseph E. Buckley, 5 May 2001, P-52R Airplane Commander,(V)
Cpl Charles D. Buchinsky 30 August 2003, Weather Obsv Crew
, Nose Gunner (V)
F/O William M. Burke, Jr. 29 Dec 1969 P-09, Flight Engineer (NGL)
M/Sgt Jay C. Buffinga, 29 Mar 1971, Intelligence NCO (A-2 Sec), 314th BW (V)
1st Lt George W Burnell, Jr.
P-48 Flight Engineer (V)
2nd Lt James H. Burrows, Jr. 2 Jun 1990, P-16R Bomb (SSDI)
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Pfc Michael Calabrese 26 Aug 2006, HQ (SSDI)
1st Lt Joseph F. Callaghan, 29 Dec 2004, P-10, Nav (V)
1st Lt Thomas Campbell 1985 P-20 Pilot (V)
S/Sgt Carmine Camperlino 19 January 2003, P-08 CFC Gunner (V)
Cpl Sylvester Cancellieri, 10 Feb 1945, Silver Crew, Gunner (V)
Sgt Ned C. Carlson 21 Mar 1999 61st (SSDI)
Lt Col. Woodard B. Carpenter CO 60th Squadron (V)
Sgt William H. Carter, 1 Sep 2013, P-20, Tail Gunner (V)
F/O Charles A. Castle, 1 May 2009, P-20, Flight Engineer, P-20 (V)
1st Lt Lloyd L. Casto 24 Jun 2002 P-38 AC (V)
S/Sgt Carmen A. Catanese, Jun 1968 P-49, Mechanic (V)
Cpl John H. Cavin 28 Nov 1944 Right Gunner (Miller Crew) stateside training accident
2nd Lt Roland E. Cedarholm 21 July 1992 P-40 Radar (V)
S/Sgt Leonard L. Celmer 19 Feb 2006, P-12 Right Gunner (V)
M/Sgt Joseph A. Charbonneau 04 Jan 1999 P-55 CC (SSDI)
1st Lt Edward T. Charles, Jr. 28 Nov 1944 Instructor Bombardier 247th BU (Miller Crew passenger)
F/O James W. Chennault 16 Oct 1992, P-54 (V)
T/Sgt James R. Chitty, 20 May 2008, P-58, Right Gunner (SSDI)
1st Lt Arland Christ-Janer, 9 Nov 2008, P-46, Bombardier (V)
Sgt Peter J. Ciucci 19 Sept 1995 P-31 Mechanic (V)
S/Sgt Robert L. Clark, 13 Nov 2011, P-03, CFC Gunner (V)
1st Lt Joseph W. Clark, Jr. 16 Aug 2011, P-37, Bombardier (V)
1st Lt Danel B. Clendening, 21 Jan 2019, P-55, Radar Observer (V)
1st Lt Jack R. Clawson, 10 Mar 2000, P-23, Bombardier (V)
1st Lt Jack R. Clawson, 10 Mar 2000, P-23, Bombardier (V)
S/Sgt Vernon J. Clise, 16 Nov 2009, 60th BS Electrical Shop Mech (V)
2nd Lt Jack W. Coates Jan 1997, 60th BS King Crew Radr (V)
1st Lt Edwin F. Cochrane, Jr. 09 Jan 1996 P-25 Nav (V)
T/Sgt Paul D. Cochrane Mar 1967 P-38, Flight Engineer (SSDI)
S/Sgt Richard A. Cohan, 15 Jul 2005, P-39, CFC (SSDI)
1st Lt Kermit K. Cohen, Jr. 21 Sept 1994 P-35 Bomb (SSDI)
F/O Kirby F. Cole 23 Jun 1999 P-19 Pilot (V)
Capt Thomas E. Collins Jul 1976 62nd BS Aircraft Engineering Officer (V)
S/Sgt Norman Comeau 12 Mar 2000 P-58 Tail Gunner (V)
Lt Colonel John E. Condron 03 Aug 1998, HQ Grp. Executive Officer (SSDI)
S/Sgt Marvin N. Conley 12 Oct 2013, P-21, Radio Operator (V)
Sgt James Connelly 5 May 1994 Kushner Crew, 62nd BS, CFC Gunner (V)
Donald Conway, 09 Feb 2008 (V)
2nd Lt Edward M. Coon, 14 Jan 2014, P-45, Navigator (V)
1st Lt William A. Costa
, 11 Jan 2014, P-30, Navigator (V)
Cpl Rocco Cotroneo, 60th BS, 1 Dec 1945 buried at: Plot M Row 1 Grave 131 Honolulu Memorial, Honolulu Hawaii (American Battle Monument Comission's WWII Honor Roll)
1st Lt David L. Coughtry 01 Jun 1991 P-03 Pilot (V)
2nd Lt Joseph E. Courtney, 24 Feb 1999 P-04 Bombardier (V)
Cpl Edward R. Couser, 18 June 2004, 61st BS (V)
1st Lt Harvard B. Cox 29 Oct 1999 P-55 Pilot (SSDI)
1st Lt Thomas A. Cronin 13 Jun 2002 P-27 Nav (V)
General William Crumm 27 July 1967 61st SQ CO (V)
F/O William R. Crummie Mar 1976 Kushner Crew Bomb (SSDI)
George L. Cummings 10 Aug 2000 (SSDI)
1st Lt Milton T. Cummings, 08 Feb 2005, P-24 Bomb (V)
Fred J. Cupernski, 11 jan 2009 - Served with the 39th BG (H) (SSDI)

S/Sgt Richard G. Curry, 05 Aug 2008, P-19 Tail Gunner (V)

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1st Lt John C. Dahl, Jr. 3 Jun 1980 P-24, Navigator (V)
2nd Lt Donald G. Dahle 31 Jul 1988 P-39 Pilot (SSDI)
T/Sgt John N. Danhof 11 July 2003 P-08 Crew Chief (V)
1st Lt Carl L. Davenport 29 July 1987 P-41 Radar (V)
1st Lt Edward B. Davenport 30 Oct 1996 P-47 Radar (V)
2nd Lt Cecil E. Davis, 18 Dec 2020, 1st Replacement Crew 06, Pilot, (V)
M/Sgt Connie E. Davis 27 Mar 2001 P-30 Crew Chief (V)
Sgt Floyd Dawson, 9 Sep 2002, P-12, Tail Gunner (V)
Sgt James F. Day 11 Feb 2009, 60th Mechanic (V)
F/O John H. Day 5 Mar 2005 P-19 Bombardier (V)
Cpl Michael A. De Corte, 01 Dec 1996, P-05, Mech. (SSDI)
Ralph C. De Moss 28 Nov 1945 Instructor Gunner (Miller Crew) 247th BU (V)
S/Sgt Efford Clarence Deats, 18 June 1966 Porter Crew, (61st BS), Radio Operator (V)
Michael A. De Corte, 01 Dec 1996 (SSDI)
T/Sgt Howard C. Deeter, 17 July 2008, P-56, CFC Gunner (V)
Sgt Robert J. DeGasso, 8 Nov 2002, 62nd BS, Airplane & Engine Mech (V)
Harold M. Delman 1984 (V)
1st Lt Marvin Demanzuk, 3 Feb 2014, P-02, Radar/Chaplain 39th BG Assoc (V)
F/O Francis R. Demchock Oct 1980 P-04 Replacement Nav (SSDI) (V)

1st Lt Edward V. Dengler 11 Jan 1984 P-44 Pilot (V)
1st Lt William J. Dess, 22 May 2015, P-18, Pilot, (V)
M/Sgt Raymond L. Donahue, 27 Dec 1996, P-16R (

Sgt Howard V. Dickey, 23 May 1988 61st BS Camera Tech (V)
Capt William S. Dickey 09 Dec 1995 60th BS (V)
1st Lt Frederick W. Dock 24 Apr 2003 P-33 Navigator (SSDI)
1st Lt Henry R. Donnelly Aug 1979, P-48, Pilot (V)
1st Lt Jerome Donzis Aug 1977 62nd BS Personal Equip Offcr (SSDI)

2nd Lt Kenneth G. Doty 28 Sept 2007 P-37, Navigator (V)
S/Sgt John E. Downey 1990 P-32 Mechanic (V)
1st Lt Robert W. Drake 10 Aug 1993 P-08 Pilot (V)
T/Sgt Will E. Driskill 12 Mar 2007, 61st BS Crew Chief (V)

Capt Robert H. Dudley Apr 1969 P-55 AC (V)
S/Sgt Vincent F. Dunleavy 30 Apr 1997 P-41 TG (SSDI)
F/O Fred N. Dunn 20 Feb 2005 P-1R1 FE/ P-52R Replacement FE (V)
S/Sgt Earl A. Dunstan 19 Mar 1990 P-58 CFC (SSDI)
S/Sgt John A. Dupree 14 Jan 2000, P-02, Radio Operator (SSDI)
S/Sgt Patsy Durante Sep 1977, P-13, LG (SSDI)
Sgt Ronald C. Durbal 03 Jan 2003, P-21R, Right Gunner (SSDI)
1st Lt Glen C. Durkin 29 May 2006, P-43, Nav. (V)
Sgt Victor R. Durrance 18 April 2013, P-21/P-21R, TG (V)
1st Lt John W. Dwyer 13 Feb 1999 P-45 Bomb (V)
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Cpl Harry Easters, Jr. 10 Jan 1990, 61st BS Mechanic (V)
T/Sgt Guy H. Eastham
29 Dec 1999 P-07 CFC Gunner (V)
S/Sgt Robert C. Eblen 4 Jul 2005 P-19 RG (V)
F/O John P. Eckert 7 Sept 1995 P-27 Flight Engineer (V)
S/Sgt John M. Eckman 07 Jan 2001 P-02 Tail Gunner (SSDI)
1st Lt Anton H. Edburg 26 Nov 1989 P-54 Nav (SSDI)
1st Lt Harry B. Eddy, 06 May 2008, P-57 Bombardier (V)
1st Lt Edward S. Edmundson, Jr. 25 Apr 2001 P-05 Nav (V)
1st Lt Asa B. Edwards 27 Feb 2000 P-08 Bomb (V)
Murray Eidelburg Mar 1979 62nd BS (SDDI)
1st Lt Sheldon E. Elliott, 6 Jan. 2009, P-51, Nav. (V)
Norman L. Ellis 21 Aug 2000 62nd BS (SSDI)
M/Sgt Clifford P. Elsasser 26 Apr 1995 62nd BS Crew Chief (SSDI)
1st Lt Graham E. Elvgren 14 Dec 2002 P-28 Pilot (V)
Sgt George Erhardt 08 Jun 2000 P-60 Tail Gunner (V)
Oliver Enfred Erickson 11 Nov 1968, 62nd BS Radar Observer (V)
Sgt James K. Eskew 13 Jun 2000 P-25 CFC Gunner (SSDI)
T/Sgt John J. Essig, 11 Feb 2006, P-10, CFC Gunner (V)
Sgt Aldon D. Evans 8 Jan 2010, 60th BS Airplane & Engine Mech (V)
2nd Lt Clayton W. Evans 1945 (Lost returning home from WWII
) P-56 Nav (V)
F/O Donald M. Evans 13 Jul 1998 P-25 Flight Engineer (V)
Harry M. Evans 05 Jul 1997, 62nd BS (V)
Sgt John K. Evans 15 May 1996 P-52R Radio Operator (V)
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S/Sgt Melbourne O. Faldet, 28 Jun 2005 60th BS Mechanic (V)
F/O Malcolm W. Farnum Jan 1983 P-28 FE (SSDI)
1st Lt Walter E. Fauerso, 20 Mar 2010, P-29 Flight Engineer (V)
S/Sgt Lester P. Fauver,Jr. , 29 Sep 2015, P-29, Tail Gunner (V)
Capt Thomas W. Feigenson 7 Aug 1991 P-39 Bombardier (SSDI)
S/Sgt Joseph H. Feldhake 29 Feb 2004 Electrical Section, 60th BS (V)
S/Sgt David Felix, 6 Februay 1970, P-28, Left Gunner (V)
1st Lt Charles A. Ferguson P-48 Navigator (V)
Capt Raymond S. Ferrell 26 Apr 1996 P-29 AC (V)
S/Sgt Marselle D. Fesperman, 29 Apr 2009, 61st BS, Mechanic CFC Maint (V)
F/O Aldwyn B. Fields, 16 Mar 1982 P-16, Nav (SSDI)
S/Sgt Albert L. Fierro, Sr. 03 Dec 2005 P-41, LG (V)
T/Sgt James F. Finlay 8 Sept 2004 P-29 Crew Chief (V)
S/Sgt David H. Fisher 27 Sept 2021 P-55, Radio Operator, (V)
1st Lt Roger D. Fisher, 25 Aug 2012, Weather Observation Crew, Observer, (per online obit)
Pfc Ephraim Dale Fisk 12 Sep 2011, 314th BW HQ, Clerk (V)
Pfc Thomas W. Flannigan 25 Aug 1999 60th Armament (V)
Cpl Thomas F. Free, 15 Oct 2007, P-05, Mech (SSDI)
1st Lt Gene H. Flewellen Apr 1987 P-49 AC (V)
1st Lt Camdon Floyd 29 Oct 1997 P-19 Radar Observer (V)
1st Lt Edmund J. Flynn 11 Jan 2006 P-06 Airplane Commander (V)
2nd Lt Frank J. Folker, Jr. May 1986 P-05 Bombardier (V)
Sgt Harold R. Follmann, Oct 2005, P-11R, Mechanic (V)
S/Sgt Russell Forbes, 24 Feb 2013, P-03, Left Gunner (V)
Cpl Arthur T. Ford, 26 Dec 2019, P-03, Tail Gunner, (V)
S/Sgt Carl E. Forness, 16 Nov 2000, P-03, Right Gunner (V)
Sgt Ganes Z. Foster June 1983, Romspert Crew, RG (SSDI)
S/Sgt Marion D. Foster, 15 Nov 2003 P-48 Bombardier (V)
1st Lt Warren C. Foster, 13 July 2012, P-06, Navigator & P-17 Repl Navigator, (V)
Sgt Hugh Lee Fowler 11 Oct 2000 P-48 Right Gunner (V)
Col John C. Fowler Dec 1971 HQ Group CO - Feb 1945 (V)
Sgt Vinson G. Fowlkes 09 Dec 1996, Romspert Crew, CFC (SSDI)
S/Sgt Edward G. Fox 08 Nov 1994 P-48 Left Gunner (V)
Capt Daniel H. Foxwell, 28 Sep 2004, 39th HQ, Operations (V)
Cpl Alfred J. Francisconi, 31 Jan 2011, 61st BS Ground (V)
Cpl Joseph E. Franckowiak 15 May 2008 60th BS CFC Maint (V)
1st Lt James B. Frank 09 Aug 1999 P-53 Navigator (V)
T/Sgt Jack R. Franke, 02 Jan 2002, P-32 CFC Gunner (V)
1st Lt James W. Frey, 24 Dec 2005, Replacement Crew 42, AC (V)
Cpl Frank J. Friedmansky Jul 1986 P-26R Mechanic (SSDI)
Cpl Leslie P. Fries 28 Nov 1944 P-01, Left Gunner (Miller Crew) - Stateside (V)
2nd Lt James Monte Frodsham Dec 1974 P-30  Pilot (V)
Sgt Louis Frylewicz 15 Apr 2001 P-11 Crew Chief (V)
2nd Lt Andrew P. Ftacek, 25 Feb 2017, P-06R2, Bomb, (V)
Capt Norman W. Fuerth 10 Jun 1992 P-12 AC (V)
Sgt Harry L. Furlong 27 Oct 1991 61st Sq Spec Veh Op (V)
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1st Lt Charles L. Gaal, 21 Dec 2010, P-50R, Bombardier (V)
Raymond C. Gallagher, 23 May 2007, (SSDI)
Cpl Henri G. Garnier Jan 1981, P-01 TG, (Miller Crew)
Maj James L. Gary 30 Jun 1997 P-33 AC (V)
S/Sgt Estel A. Gates Jul 1986 61st Sq Prop Mechanic (SSDI)
F/O Lester K. Geller 05 Jan 1958 P-15 Pilot (V)
2nd Lt Joseph Georgeoff, 10 Feb 1945, Nav (V)
Sgt John E. Gerbig, Jr. 17 Aug 2003, P-24, TG (V)
Cpl Arthur P. Gergley, 30 May 2004, P-01R2 Left Gunner (V)

M/Sgt Llyod E. Geringer 05 Oct 1991 P-44 FE (V)
1st Lt Donald A. Gerth, 04 Sept 2013, P-13, Co-Pilot (V)
T/Sgt Ralph T. Gervais 16 Mar 1994 P-30 CFC Gunner (V)
1st Lt Otto R. Gestring Nov 1990 P-60 Pilot (SSDI)
F/O Paul F. Ghena 26 Mar 1992 P-14, Navigator (V)
Sgt Nicholas Gianatasio Nov 1978 62nd Sq (SSDI)
S/Sgt Joseph A. Giannini 03 Aug 2001 P-07 Crew Chief (V)
Benjamin Giglio 31 Jul 1998 62nd Sq (SSDI)
Cpl Earl J. Gilbert 28 Nov 1944 Radar - (MIller Crew) stateside training accident
M/Sgt Joseph W. Glezman, 16 Nov 1976, P-22, FE (V)
Capt. Joe Glickman, 29 May 2009, 61st CO, Adjutant, (V)
Cpl Paul A. Godwin, 6 Dec 2014, Crew 4, Mechanic, (V)
F/O Marshall A. Goldston, Jr. 7 Oct 1997, P-59, Flight Engineer, (V)
Frank N. Goumas 07 Oct 2002, 62nd BS (SSDI)
1st Lt Charles H. Gourlay, 23 Apr 1997, P-02, Bombardier (SSDI)
Sgt Carl E. Gragg, 29 Apr 2010, 62nd Ord (V)
1st Lt William M. Graves, 15 Jan 2009, P-15, Bombardier (V)
Charles E. Gray, Gunner P-42R (V)

Capt Ralph T. Gray 20 May 2005, P-04 Airplane Commander (V)
M/Sgt Thurman Gray 09 Oct 1999, 61st BS Armament (SSDI)
S/Sgt John J. Griffin, 26 Jul 2015, Replacement Crew 16, RG, (V)
1st Lt Edgar Barry Grear, 7 Jul 1974, P-46, Airplane Commander (V)
1st Lt James G. Green, 13 Oct 2009, P-29, Navigator (V)
1st Lt Bernard Greene, 07 Aug 2015, Repl Crew P-31 Bombardier (V)
S/Sgt Herbert L. Greer, 30 Aug 2007, P-59 Radio Operator (V)
Sgt Emile S. Guignon III, Oct 1972 60th BS, Radar Mechanic (SSDI)
Sgt Thomas M. Gutierrez, 2 Sep 2003, 60th BS (V) (SSDI)
S/Sgt Alfred G. Gyles Apr 1975 P-37 Right Gunner (V)
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S/Sgt John P. Haag, March 1977, P-52R, Flight Engineer, (SSDI)
2nd Lt Glenn E. Haas, 3 August 2003, P-18 Bombardier (V)
Raymond L. Haase 03 May 1989 62nd Sq (V)
S/Sgt Herman T. Hagen 28 Dec 2002 P-26R Mechanic (V)
T/Sgt Korwin E. Hailey 03 Mar 1997, P-14 CFC (SSDI)
T/Sgt Donald R. Hamang 18 Jan 1990 P-11R CFC (SSDI)
Sgt Joseph Hanna 08 Jun 1988 P-31R Mechanic (SSDI)
Sgt Roy Hanning, 07 May 2006, P-26R Mechanic (V)
M/Sgt Charles L. Hardin, P-43 FE (V)
Andrew Harnaha 28 Feb 1999, P-42R (V)
S/Sgt Louis C. Harper 16 Feb 1998 P-51 Radio (V)
Sgt Gordon E. Harr, 6 April 2004, P-46. Crew Chief (V)
Sgt Brooks M. Harris Sept 1982 P-21 RG (SSDI)
1st Lt Richard A. Harris, 1970's, P-02, Flight Engineer (V)
S/Sgt Thomas L. Harris 13 May 2001 P-60 Left Gunner (V)
2nd Lt Richard D. Harrison 19 Aug 1998 P-10 Pilot (V)
Sgt Robert P. Harrison Jan 1974 P-21 Left Gunner (V)
T/Sgt Carroll B. Hart 23 Mar 2001
P-47 CFC Gunner (V)
2nd Lt Joseph N. Hart 1971 61st SQ (V)
Sgt William H. Harter, Jr. 06 Feb 1990 P-32 Tail Gunner (V)
S/Sgt Donald E. Hartshorn, 20 Feb 2007, P-55, Left Gunner, (V)
Capt John F. Harvey, 16 Jan 2007, P-57, Airplane Commander, (V)
1st Lt John P. Haskell 22 Aug 2000 Kushner Crew
Nav (V)
William B. Hathaway, 23 Jan 1988 P-42R Gunner (V)
Sgt Leonard F. Hawkins 21 April 1994 P-32 Right Gunner (V) (SSDI)
2nd Lt Ralph V. Hayenga 11 Oct 1995
P-46 Radar (SSDI)
M/Sgt William R. Haymes (Hehe)
06 Nov 1997 P-44 CC (V)
Jerome E. Healy 22 Oct 1990 P-50R Radio Operator (V)
Frank R. Heberling 4 Dec 1992, 62nd BS (V)
1st Lt Charles J. Heeney
06 Dec 1989 P-33, Pilot (V)
Capt Bernard M. Heimlich 29 Mar 2000
P-37, AC (V)
2nd Lt Robert J. Helhorst, 27 July 2003, P-56, Pilot (V)
Cpl Carl Henton, Jr, 22 November 1992, 62nd BS, Radar Mechanic (V)
T/Sgt Edwin K. Herman 19 July 1981
P-08 FE (V)
1st Lt Donald W. Hetherington 31 Mar 2002 P-16 Pilot/314th Air Sea Rescue Ofcr (V)
T/Sgt John F. Hicks, 26 Jan 2006, P-15, CFC Gunner, (V)
Melvin Hicks, 16 May 2024 52nd Sea Bees, (V)
S/Sgt George C. High 26 Apr 2000 P-57 Left Gunner (SSDI)
S/Sgt Benjamin F. Hill
, 31 October 2003 P-22, Right Gunner (V)
2nd Lt Calvin W. Hill 29 Jan 2018, P-54, Pilot (V)
1st Lt John T. Hill 12 Aug 2000 P-31R Radar (V)
Maj Claude J. Hilton 20 Jul 1999 60th SQ (V)

1st Lt Harry D. Hink, 19 Oct. 2013, P-27, Pilot (V)
Sgt David L. Hirsch, 14 Jun. 2017, P-55, TG (and P-50 LG) (V)
Sgt Paul E. Hoagland 26 Apr 1987 61st BS (V)

F/O Clarence Lee Holman 01 Aug 1996 P-21 FE (V)
1st Charles J. (Tim) Holt Feb 1973 P-59 Bombardier (V)
1st Lt Robert L. Hosford 19 Jan 1964 P-03 Radar (V)
1st Lt Harvey L. Hoth 20 Nov 1993
P-32 Bombardier (V)
Maj James S. Howard 1993 61st BS Operations (V)

M/Sgt Albert A. Howard 7 Jul 2011, 60th Ground (V)
S/Sgt Lewis E. Howard, 14 Jun 2007, P-52 Tail Gunner/P-44 Repl Tail Gunner (V)
Maj Roger L. Howard HQ Operations (V)

1st Lt Howard L. Howes 22 Jan 1997 P-46 Navigator (V)
Charles E. Hudson, 02 Jan 2004, 62nd BS, (SSDI)
Pfc Richard B. Huedepohl 13 Dec 1994 HQ (SSDI)
1st Lt Edwin V. Hughes, 12 Apr 1997, P-04, Radar Observer (V)
Cpl Joe T. Hulton, 10 Jul 2006, Welder, AAF, 62nd BS (V)
T/Sgt Howard W. Hunsinger Oct 1985 P-47 CFC Gunner (V)

1st Lt. Elmo Huston, 01 Mar 2009, P-07, Flight Engineer (V)
S/Sgt Richard A. Huston, 17 Oct 1997, P-09R Radio Op (V)
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Charles T. Ice, 28 Mar 2012, 314th BW, Motor Pool, (V)
T/Sgt Elmer H. Ignat Apr 1977 60th BS (V)
S/Sgt Vernon Ingram, 1 Dec 2011, Romspert Crew, Left Gunner (V)
S/Sgt Ernest A. Innes, 17 Apr 2008, HQ, Cryptographic Technician (V)
Cpl Junior Henry Isgar 1993 P-01 Right Gunner (V)
S/Sgt Martin E. Ismert, Jr. 03 Jan 1980 P-36 Radio Operator (V)
George G. Iwamoto, 26 Nov 2002 (SSDI)
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S/Sgt Joseph J. Jacaruso, 01 Oct 2020, Crew 47, Tail Gunner (V)
Capt. Roy L. Jackman 4 Aug 1951 HQ Grp Nav (V)
S/Sgt Charles E. Jackson 24 May 1998 61st Radio Opr (V)
S/Sgt Raymond J. Jacob 16 April 1997 P-47 RG (V)
F/O Richard W. Jacobsen 01 Dec 1992 P-55 FE (SSDI)
M/Sgt Merle E. Jacobson, 6 Jun 1990, Admin NCO, (V)
2nd Lt Leon J. Janky, 28 Oct 1989 Romspert Crew, FE (V)
S/Sgt Joseph J. Janosik, 23 Nov 1990, 61st BS Mechanic (V)
Pfc Ronald P. Jemmott 27 Dec 2002 61st BS (V)
2nd Lt Vincent F. Jennemann, 26 Sep 2011, P-14, Pilot (V)
1st Lt Daniel R. Jesser, 21 Apr 2007 P-07, Radar Observer (V)
2nd Lt Frank L. Johnson 17 May 2002 P-50 Radar Ob (V)
F/O Paul D. Johnson P-52R Pilot
S/Sgt Ralph W. Johnson 12 Mar 1976 P-10 Right Gunner (V)
S/Sgt Roland R. Johnson, 22 Dec 2007, P-55, Right Gunner (V)
T/Sgt Clyde A. Jones, 29 Sept 1953, P-39, Flight Engineer, (V)
Ernest S. Jones, 13 Apr 2000, P-19, Flight Enginner (SSDI)
1st Lt Elmer C. Jones, 5 April 2014, P-10, Radar (V)
S/Sgt John H. Jones, 13 Mar 1991, P-02, Left Gunner (V)
Major Luther A. Jones, 26 Feb 2005, P-59 Airplane Commander (V)
Hyman M. Jultak Jan 1980 62nd SQ (V)
Capt Chester G. Juvenal 10 Dec 2002 P-07 AC (V)

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T/Sgt Arlington R. Kaeding, 29 Dec 1967, P-09/09R, Crew Chief (V)
F/O Theodore J. Kalenterides, 23 Jan 2021, P-49 Flight Engineer, (V)
S/Sgt Toivo A. Kallio 05 Mar 1999 P-11R Radio Operator (V)
Sgt Stanislaus A. Kamenski 3 Mar 2016, P-23 Right Gunner (V)
F/O Edward Kammer Apr 1983 P-28 Radar Observer (SSDI)
S/Sgt Bernard S. Kaplin, 30 Jan 2022, P-56, TG, (V)
Allen Kartes Oct 1977 62nd SQ (SSDI)
Freddie Katz 08 Dec 2000 62nd SQ (V)
Cpl Earl W. Kaufman Jun 1986 62nd SQ (SSDI)
Peter Kedulich 26 Jul 2000 62nd SQ (SSDI)
S/Sgt Newell J. Keegan 25 Sept 1998, 62nd BS Radar Mechanic (V)
James E. Keelor 20 Nov 1989 62nd SQ (SSDI)
Pfc Donald M. Keena, 27 Dec 2006, 61st Operations Clerk (V)
Major John (Jack) H. Keene, 22 May 2019, Crw 02, Airplane Commnader (V)
S/Sgt Clifford R. Keisker 25 Mar 2000, 61st BS Bombsight Mechanic (SSDI)
Sgt Arthur Kekalos 31 Jul 2010, 62nd ground (V)
2nd Lt John B. Keliiaa 7 Jan 1962 P-49 Pilot (V)
1st Lt Paul Kennedy 01/1998 P-35 Pilot (V)
F/O Egbert H. Kelly, Jr. 15 Nov 2000, P-37, FE (SSDI)
Sgt Daniel D. Kerner, 13 Jul 1997 P-34, Tail Gunner (SSDI)
F/O Joseph I. Kesselman, 12 July 2011, P-61, Navigator (V)
Sgt Sherwood Kiernan July 1980 P-52 LG (POW) (V)
S/Sgt Andrew R. Kirk 23 June 1986 P-56 Crew Chief (V)
2nd Lt James O. Kirk, 15 Mar 2010, P-51, Pilot (V)
T/Sgt Theodore F. Kirn, Jr. 06 Oct 1991, 62nd Ground (V)
Joseph W. Klahs 14 Oct 1989 62nd SQ (SSDI)
Sgt Rex R. Knaak 17 Mar 1998 61st SQ (SSDI)
1st Lt Rolla P. Knibbe Aug 1985 P-22 Pilot (V)
Pfc Walter Koczorowski, 25 Jul 2003, HQ Medical Aidman (V)
T/Sgt Gene C. Kolb 07 Apr 2005, P-15, FE (V)
S/Sgt Samuel M. Korb, 61st BS, (SSDI)
Sgt Edward F. Kornblith, 31 July 2009, 60th BS, Bombsight Mechanic (V)
S/Sgt Edward R. Kosmowski, 27 September 2015, P-08, Asst Crew Chief (V)
Carroll L. Kostrzewski 27 May 2001 62nd SQ (SSDI)
Cpl Warren C.A. Kothmann 28 May 1999 60th SQ (V)

S/Sgt Albert P. Kovac 19 Mar 1977 P-57 CFC Gunner (V)
1st Lt John Kovacevich, 03 Aug 2002, P-24, Radar (SSDI)/(V)
S/Sgt Harold Krumnow, 11 May 2009, P-33, Radio Operator (V)
1st Lt Edward Kudella, 24 Dec 1984, 62nd BS, Intel Officer (V)
S/Sgt Henry F. Kuebelbeck, 3 Mar 2006, P-23, Tail Gunner (V)
Sgt Frank W. Kulesza, 10 May 2011, 61st BS (V)

1st Lt Leonard A. Kuther, 25 Aug 2003, P-43 Bombardier (V)
Sgt Albert L. Kyler, 12 Jul 2010, P-17, Tail Gunner (V)

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2nd Lt Robert LaRotonda, 10 Sep 2001, P-57, Pilot (V)
S/Sgt John N. LaBosky (now LaBoske), 25 June 1996, P-06R2, Radio Operator (V)
S/Sgt Robert E. Laird, 19 June 2014; P-05, Left Gunner (first Historian of the 39th BG Assoc)
Capt Eugene Stuart Land, 16 Nov 2008, Repl Crew 26, Airplane Commander (V)
Charles F. Landers 62nd BS (per E. Palombo)
Sgt Andrew L. Langan 13 Sept 1975 P-08 Right Gunner (V)
1st Lt Robert J. Landregan, Jr. 08 Apr 2002, P-59, Radar Observer (SSDI)
1st Lt Stanley L. Lapinski Jan 1979 P-43 Radar (per T. Mayfield) (date-SSDI)
1st Lt Richard Larsen P-09R Pilot (V)
S/Sgt Vincent W. Latham 30 Sept 2002 P-20 RG (V)
Sgt Thomas Rufus Latta 21 March 2005, P-54 TG (V)
1st Lt Leo J. Laux 02 Sept 1996 P-22 Radar Observer (V)
Walter H. Lawson 08 Dec 2001 62nd SQ (V)
1st Lt Clark M. Lee Dec 1974 62nd (SSDI)
Cpl Wah Lee, 3 Sep 2004 62nd BS Mech: Bomb Sight (V)
S/Sgt Constantine J. Legidakes 21 Nov 2002 P-14, Radio Operator (V)
Sgt George L. LeGrand 30 May 2003 P-52R CFC Gunner (V)
S/Sgt Laurence B. Leinbach, 15 Dec 2000 Romspert Crew Radio Operator (V)
S/Sgt Frank Lemmons, Jr. 31 Jul 1995 P-26R LG (V)
1st Lt Samuel C. LeNeve 1950's P-31R Pilot (V)
F/O Carl E. LeVan 12 May 2004 P-26R Radar Observer (V)
S/Sgt John E. Leckron, 15 June 1976, P-54, Right Gunner (V)
Sgt Donald R. Lewis, 15 Oct 2002, P-57, Crew Chief (V)
Major Leo C. Lewis, 21 Jul 2012, P-8, Airplane Commaner (V)
1st Lt Allen L. Lindow 18 Jan 1989 62nd (SSDI)
1st Lt Eugene Linsker, 5 May 2006, HQ, Grp Ordnance Officer (V)
Sgt James Little, 19 Dec 2006, 62nd BS Camera Tech (SSDI)
M/Sgt Nicholas Livingston, 28 Jun 2011, Repl Crew 42, FE (V)
T/Sgt Arthur Loera 24 Feb 2001 P-27 CFC Gunner (SSDI)
1st Lt Hollis B. Logan, 19 Jan 2017, 1st Repl Crew 6, Radar, (V)
Sgt James E. Lordeman, 30 Sept 2014, 60th SQ, Operations Clerk (V)
S/Sgt Russell P. Lorway 28 April 1999 61st SQ (V)
M/Sgt Glade A. Loy 22 Aug 1996 P-05 Flight Engineer (SSDI)
T/Sgt David Luft P-09R CFC Gunner (V)
1st Lt Waring L. Lynch, 28 Jan 2009, Radar Observer (V)
S/Sgt Willert Howard Lynn, 25 Sep 1996, P-14, Right Gunner (V)

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1st Lt David A. Macioci Nov 1985 Holmes Crew 62nd BS Bombardier (V)
Sgt Roger M. MaGee, Jr. Jan 1988 P-14 Left Gunner (V)
S/Sgt John F. Magirl 28 Dec 1980 P-05 Radio (V)
E. A. Mahoney 1983 (V)
Joseph P. Manduano 12 Sept 2000 (SSDI)
S/Sgt George L. Mantak Jul 1976 P-13, FE (V)
Carl Marcarvitz (V)
S/Sgt Edward W. Marcussen July 1962 P-03 Radio (V)
S/Sgt Clarence H. Martin Dec 1986 P-44 Left Gunner (V)
Maj Patrick J. Martin 12 Aug1994 P-48 AC (V)
Cpl Gustaf G. Martinook, 17 May 2007, 62nd BS Airplane Pwr Plant Mech (SSDI)
1st Lt Herman C. Marthaler, Jr., 29 Jun 2010, P-05, Radar Observer (V)
S/Sgt Pasquale "Pat" Mastromatteo, 10 Oct 2007, P-30, Tail Gunner (V)
John W. Matthews Jr. 30 Jun 2001 HQ Operations (V)
Capt Gerald N. Matts 01 Sept 1981 P-60 AC (V)
Sgt Thomas M. Mayfield, Jr., 20 Sept 2015, P-43, TG (V)
Pvt John J. McCauley 28 Nov 1945 Radio Op - (Miller Crew) stateside training accident
Sgt William C. McCord 29 Jan 2003 60th BS Ground (V)
Cpl Robert L. McCoy, 4 May 2009, 60th BS Sheet Metal Shop (V)
S/Sgt Martin T. McDonough, Jr., 12 Jan 2014, P-43, Left Gunner (V)
Maj William McDowell Dec 1982 P-14 AC (V)
Pfc John Harold McDuffie 05 Apr 1995 Mechanic (V)
M/Sgt Robert W. McKenzie 03 Dec 1980, P-34; Crew Chief (V)
T/Sgt Robert E. McLaren 17 Sept 1994 P-48 CC (SSDI)
S/Sgt Henry P. McManus, 18 Jan 2009, P-35 Left Gunner (V)
Maj Harold G. McNeese 21 Feb 1995 P-41
Airplane Commander/ 62 CO SQ (V)
John B. McPherson 23 Jun 1997 (V)
Walter S. Measday 08 May 1998 - Radar Mech 89th ASG, 502nd Engineering Sqrn (V)
1st Lt Daniel Meister 22 May 1989 P-15 Radar (V)
S/Sgt Jackson O. Merritt November 1967, P-19, Radio Operator (SSDI)
Cpl Francis E. "Fritz" Mesevage 23 Jul 2001 P-47 Mech (V)
Sgt Bert C. Messenger, 18 Apr 1947, P-35, RG, (V)
Pfc Joseph U. Militana, 1 Dec 1993, 60th BS, (SSDI)
Capt Allan M. Miller 28 Nov 1944 P-01, AC
Major Charles B. Miller, 29 Aug 2019, P-28, AC (V)

2nd Lt John F. Miller 11 Apr 2003, P-52R Bombardier (V)
Sgt Joseph P. Miller 18 Oct 1995 P-01R CFC Gunner (V)
S/Sgt John L. Millette 07 Jun 2001 P-28 Right Gunner (V)
T/Sgt Norman L. Mills, 5 Apr 2015, Replacement Crew 26, Flight Engineer (V)
Sgt William B. Minor 3 Mar 2001 P-52R Tail Gunner (V)
Maj John A. Miranda 26 May 1989 P-13 AC (V)
F/O Harold L. Mithelman 15 Sept 1987 P-51 FE (V)
S/Sgt Henry R. Moesner Jun 1973 P-47 Radio (V)
Cpl Jesse Molina, 6 May 2013, 2nd Replacement Crew P-06, Tail Gunner, (V)
Cpl Lawrence J. Montague, 22 Mar 2006 P-01R2, Tail Gunner, (V)
Cpl Edward J. Montour, 24 July, 2017, 61st BS, Radio Mech, (V)
Sgt Clyde W. Moore, 24 April 2013, P-56, Left Gunner (V)
1st Lt Robert C. Morton Sept 1983 P-52 Bombardier (V)
Cpl Joseph M. Mosca, 22 Jan 2005, P-56, Ground Crew, Mechanic (SSDI)
Sgt Richard D. Moss 29 Oct 1999 P-60 Radio Op (SSDI)
Pfc Edwin S. Motykowski 24 Jan 2003, HQ SQ (V)
1st Lt Burton B. Moyer, Jr. 17 May 2003, HQ SQ, Educ & Info Offcr (SSDI)
General George Mundy 03 Mar 2000 HQ Grp Commander (V)
Sgt Ardis "Tex" J. Murphree, 17 March 1996, 61st BS, Radio Mechanic (V)
S/Sgt Dennis Murphy 1968 P-51 Right Gunner (V)
Pfc Robert S. Murphy, 24 Jul 2009 61st BS Engineering Section, Mechanic (V)
Cpl Larry Muss, 10 Feb 1945, Silver Crew, Gunner (V)

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