39th Bomb Group (VH)
Nose Art

39th Bomb Group Nose Art
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60th Bomb Squadron B-29's
Weddin Belle P-3
Lord's Prayer P-5
City of Laredo - P-7
"City of Montgomery"
"Weddin Belle" P-3

B-29 # 44-69779 
"City of Eagle Rock"
"Lord's Prayer" P-5

B-29 # 44-69914 

Courtesy of Ray Schwartz P-
"City Of Laredo" P-7 & crew
courtesy of Elmo Huston FE, Crew 7
Eight Ball P-8
"Eight Ball" 
B-29 # 42-93966 P-8

Source: "History of the39th BG"
"Old Eighty One" 
B-29 # 44-69981 P-19

Source: Lana Day Clark
61st Bomb Squadron B-29's
Strato Wolf II
"Strato Wolf II"
B-29 # 44-69898 P-22
"City of Beaumont"
"Southern Comfort"

B-29 # unknown P-26R
"City Of Albuquerque"
B-29 # 44-69796 P-32
Was to be named "City of Sarasota" Flag post was repainted at a later date
"52nd Seabees"
"City of Longview"
"Fifty-Second Seabees"

B-29 # 44-69792 P-33
"City Of Jackson"
"Black Sheep "
B-29 # 42-65369 P-34
Courtesy of J. Ivey Flt Chief, 61st BS
62nd Bomb Squadron B-29's
"City of Tyler"
B-29 # 44-69884 P-43
Courtesy of G. Wilkes
"Timely Reminder"
B-29 # 44-69716 P-57
Courtesy of J. Jacaruso, P-47-

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