39th Bomb Group (VH)
Crew 6

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S/Sgt Raymond L. Schwartz
Radio Operator

19 May 1945
B-29# 42-94053
"Queen Cathy"
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On 3 August 1945, Sgt. Schwartz was awarded the Soldier's Medal for heroism in the aftermath of the crash of his aircraft. The award of that medal was bestowed in General Orders No. 21 of that date. it reads as follows:

"Sergeant RAYMOND L. SCHWARTZ, 60th Bomb Squadron, 39th Bomb Group, Air Corps, United States Army. For heroism on an island in the Marianans of 19 May 1945, Sergeant Schwartz was the Radio Operator on a B-29 aircraft that crashed and burned on attempting a forced landing. The plane burst into flames immediately upon impact with the ground; the fires enveloping three-wing tanks of high-octane gasoline. Shortly thereafter the gasoline that had spilled onto the ground along the length of the airplane caught fire, forming a wall of flame around the aircraft. Badly shaken up and dazed, Sergeant Schwartz climbed out through the astrodome. Although he saw the flame mounting higher and was aware that the plane was likely to explode any minute, he went back to free a member who was caught in the meshes of a parachute harness. He saw next a passenger who was hanging face down from a window and unable to free himself. Immediately, Sgt Schwartz ran to the man, released his foot and allowed him to escape. Not until then did he leave the burning aircraft, only to discover that the Airplane Commander had not yet escaped. Despite the imminence of the plane's exploding and the warnings to stay away, he voluntarily returned to the burning aircraft and aided in getting the Airplane Commander out. Sgt. Schwartz's outstanding and courageous actions reflect great credit on himself and the Army Air Forces.



R. K. Taylor
Colonel, Air Corps
Chief Of Staff

Ray and Belva Schwartz

On or about 2 July 1945, Ray was assigned TDY to Iwo Jima for 45 days to the 347th Air Service Group to serve as Radio Operator with another crew escorting P-51's and P-47's to Japan and back. He flew ten missions in to the eight missions with Crew 6 for a total of 18 missions

After being discharged in January 1946, he became employed as telegrapher-clerk with the Pennsylvania Railroad Company. After a series of advancement, Ray rose to Agent and transferred to the Sales Department where he held a variety of jobs in various cities between St. Louis, MO. and New Haven, CT. These included such places as Richmond, VA., Ft. Wayne and Indianapolis, IN. where he served as District and Division Sales Manager. The company later became Conrail and in 1976 Ray was appointed manager of Industrial Development in Indianapolis. After 38 years of service, Ray retired in 1984 and resides in Indianapolis.

Raymond L. Schwwartz took his Final Flight on 25 May 2010 at the age of 85.
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