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Sgt Loius Frylewicz
Crew Chief

Louis Fryzlewicz

" I remember none of Crew 5; that's the crew I started with in Herington, Kansas. We were forced down in Oildale, CA. due to a runaway engine. After replacing it, we proceeded on to Mather Field feathering the same engine on the way. From Mather we flew on to John Rodgers Field on Hawaii and again we feathered the same engine. From Rodgers, we flew to the Marshall Island of Kwajalein. It was on to Saipan. Ten days later after losing our plane to the 73rd Bomb Wing, we were flying to Guam.

Arriving on Guam, I was assigned to P-11's "Censored Lady." Later, "Lady" was removed. "Censored" as the only name allowed. The plane had completed five missions by the time I arrived. Lt Brooks replaced the first crew to the best of my recollection. I don't remember the other members. I flew two missions and as grounded because of my MOS. I had started as a Flight Engineer, later Crew Chief. After the war, I as transferred to the 19th Bomb Group as Line Chief. The P-11 plane flew 35 missions, and was flown to the states by a different crew. A picture of our plane "Censored" is at Seattle, Washington with a short history.

Louis and Lillian Fryzlewicz

Update: 10 November 2001
Jennifer Bernstein notified us that on 15 April 2001 her grandfather Louis passed away... "Grandpa spoke very very highly of everyone in the 39th Bomb Group and had a special place in his heart for all of its members... Whenever would speak of his "war days" and tell us stories about the boys, his face would light up and he couldn't help but smile and laugh .. He loved to travel to the reunions and being in contact with the Group brought him a great amount of joy and happiness in his last years."
Family Email Contact:
Jennifer Bernstein (granddaughter)
Howard Bernstein (Son in-law):

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Source: "History of the 39th Bomb Group" by Robert Laird, (crew 5) and David Smith (crew 31); 39th BGA scrapbook; Jennifer Bernstein, granddaughter