39th Bomb Group (VH)

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Sgt Harold R. Follmann

April 21, 1921 - Oct 2005
When Harold returned back from Guam in 1946 he came back to his wife Erminia and his one year old son Robert.

Harold returned to his trade in carpentry on the South Side of Chicago and work with his father’s business, then opened his own remolding business in the mid 1950's.

In 1953 Harold took flying lessons going for his Pilot license.  Harold and Erminia had another son Ronald in 1947 and Kenneth in 1957 then David in 1960.

Harold and family moved to Lombard Illinois in 1963 and he continued to run his construction company in Chicago . Harold retired in 1978 and traveled with Erminia to Florida Keys and Fort Myers in the winters.

Harold & Erminia have 4 sons; 6 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.

Harold did not talk much of his past military life and was later stricken in the 1990's with dementia.

Erminia left us in 2004 and Harold 2005 they had 63 wonderful years together as husband and wife.  

Memories Harold left us was letters he had written every day to Erminia of his experiences in Guam.

Atillio Grasso, USMC, Harold's brother in-law with engine named after his sister
Attilio Grasso, Harold's brother in-law pictured with an enginenamed after his sister Erminia
on Crew 7's "City of Laredo"

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Harold's Brother in law (Erminia's brother) Attilio Grasso was stationed in Guam with the Marine Corp at the same time Harold was, but neither one of them knew this at the time.  Atillio wanted to let his wife Jean know where he was stationed and back in those days all letters where censored when it came to locations. So Atillio had an idea to change the middle initial of his name to spell out Guam in four of his letters back home.  It was already known that Harold was in Guam so their wives wrote Atillio that Harold to let them know they were both on the same island together.  

Looking out over a sunken Japanese Ammunitions Ship
Talofofo Bay - 1945

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Harold had told us he lived in a small shack near the runway and he liked to do a lot of snorkeling on the shores of Guam.

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Source: David & Kenneth Follman, Sons of Harold Follmann