39th Bomb Group (VH)

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1st Lt Carl L. Davenport
Radar Observer

Photo Courtesy of
Roberta Keele, daughter
Born in 1919 in Jane, Missouri. Married Lily Davenport 28 June 1946.

They had three children - Vickie L. Nelson, an office supervisor; Roberta L. Keele, an executive secretary; and Carl L. Davenport, Jr., a building contractor. They have a grandson, Barry E. Keele, Jr. 

Carl graduated from Paseo High School, Kansas City, MO. and attended Central Missouri State Teachers College, Warrensburg, MO. From September 1940 until March 1943, he worked for Consolidated Aircraft in San Diego, CA. 

Davenport enlisted as an aviation cadet May 24, 1943. He held ratings of navigator, bombardier and radar observer. Carl was assigned to the 39th Bomb Group, Crew 41 stationed at Smoky Hill and particpated in 27 missions with his crew. 

After being mustered out of the Army Air Corps, Carl worked for the US Post Office in a various positions from March 1946 until he retired as superintendent in December 1979. 

Carl's activities centered on his family including Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Southeast Baseball League, Hickman Mills Booster Club and was a Mason. He was a great storyteller and enjoyed gardening, hunting and fishing when it did not interfere with family activities. 

Carl died of cancer July 29, 1987 at the age of 68. He is interned at Mt Moriah, Kansas City, MO. 

Sources: Lily Davenport - Wife 
Lloyd B. Volkmar - Crew 44 

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Source:Lily Davenport, Wife; Lloyd B. Volkmar (P-44) for "History of the 39th Bomb Group"; Roberta Keele