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1st Lt Julian R. Arnold

1st Lt Julian Arnold
July 25, 1945
Photo courtesy of
Charles Smith, P-44, Radar

Julian Arnold, as Volkmar recalls, exuded confidence and vitality. He is remembered especially for his profound interest and intense competitiveness in sports - particularly basketball and golf. He, along with Dengler and Davenport, was a member of the Smoky Hill basketball team, and was an avid golfer. There was an instance where Arnold had considered participating in a national pro-golf tour. He and Dengler, drawn together by similar interests, enjoyed a strong bond of friendship. In February 1945, "Jupe" served as best man for his buddy, Dengler, when the latter was married at Salina, KS.

Arnold became quite proficient not only with the Norden Bomb Sight but also with the .50 caliber machine gun, and even the highly accurate Colt 45 handgun. Volkmar recalls a story about "Jupe" and his twin 45's.

"One bitter cold day in February 1945, Crew 44 went on hunting trip to an adjacent farm at Camp Phillips, KS. The objective, naturally, was to bag as many jackrabbits as we could. The farmer was agreeable because the rabbits had become a real nuisance and had destroyed a sizeable portion of his cornfield. To make it bit more challenging, the boys checked out only hand guns and Carbines, Arnold's choice was not only one but two Colt 45's - one for each hand. As we moved down the cornrows, we could hear the crack of Carbines and the loud report of the 45's. Sure enough, "Jupe" got two rabbits with his two Colts. His method was to fire two shots, if the first one missed, he was sure to connect with the second. This brilliant marksmanship gained him the title, "Two Gun Pete."

This pinpoint accuracy carried over into the crew's bombing missions against Japan. Together with Charles Smith, the radar observer, they worked as a close-knit team. Their outstanding record contributed to Crew 44's elevation of lead crew status.

Volkmar gratefully remembers how Arnold probably saved his life on May 26th Tokyo raid. On their return trip, within fifteen minutes of Guam, they were called upon to jettison six live bombs into the ocean. Arnold and Volkmar entered the bomb bay and with screwdrivers were in the process of triggering the release switches. After three or four successful releases Arnold began to wave his arms and point down towards Volkmar's left knee. Due to the wind velocity, it was impossible to hear what he was yelling and signaling about. Suddenly it dawned on Volkmar that he was standing directly below the fin of a bomb hanging above his knee! Inasmuch as he was working in an extremely confined space, it had been necessary to unbuckle his parachute and leave it behind in the cabin. If Volkmar released the bomb in that position, it would have undoubtedly thrown him through the open bomb bay to an undesirable fate.

By war's end, Arnold, a 1st Lieutenant, had been awarded, among other decorations the Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) and three Air Medals. Incidentally, the years did not diminish his the 20/20 vision for beautiful women that Arnold was blessed with. It had endured well. On the occasion of Crew 44's first reunion in 1965, Volkmar recalls that he was introduced to "Jupe's" gorgeous wife, Robbie, a former airline stewardess. They have parented four children.

In 1970, at a second Crew 44 reunion, in Key Biscayne, Florida, Arnold escorted his crew thorough the Arnold Cellophane Company of Miami, of which he is president and Chief Executive Officer.

A few years back, Arnold sent his old crew buddies a letter indicating he was experiencing a clogged artery problem and that he was scheduled to undergo angioplasty the following day.

Julian Arnold passed away Friday afternoon 15 July 2005. Service were Saturday, July 23 in Miami, FL and burial was Sunday July 24 in Orlando, FL.

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Source:Lloyd B. Volkmar, Crew 44 Historian for the book "History of the 39th Bomb Group"; Lindsey Strong Keegan, Granddaughter