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The following list of 39th Personnel appeared on various orders and documentation of the Group, in some cases it listed what squadron they were with at the time - and in some of the cases what crew they were assigned to while stateside - however it is not known if they stayed with the group or were transferred to another unit. But at least as of the date of the document they were part of the 39th BG (VH) and as such are recongnized here. If the indivdual was transferred to another unit then at least by their name appearing on this site it may help family researchers in tracing their loved ones service.

If you can help provide additional information about the individual please email updates@39th.org, so that corrections came be made. Also, if you have any orders that pertain to the 39th BG and you are willing share these please contact webmaster@39th.org to see if those orders are needed.


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61st BS 2nd Lt Leigh J. Abell FE
61st BS T/Sgt Arthur W. Allison FE
61st BS 2nd Lt William V. Argo Bombardier

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61st BS Pfc William C. Bland 611
Sqd Order 25-11/13/44
62nd BS Sgt William G. Blaney Gunner trnsfrd 29th BG SO197 11/16/45
62nd BS Cpl Francis A. Bortz, CFC, SQO 13 10/25/44
61st BS Pfc Paul E. Bremer CFC SQO 25-11/13/44

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62nd BS 1st Lt Dwight J. Canfield Bomb SO 182-07/01/44
60th BS 2nd Lt Harold R. Clements FE
61st BS Pfc William P. Conner 611
Sqd Order 25-11/13/44
61st BS Pvt William V. Crabtree RO
Sqd Order 25-11/13/44

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62nd BS 2nd Lt Garth A. Dahinden 1028 SO-113
61st BS 2nd Lt Frank G. De Mayo 1035 SO-15
62nd BS Pfc Frank L. Durante, 611 SQO13-10/25/44

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62nd BS Pfc Charles L. Edwards,
611 SQO13-10/25/44

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61st BS 1st Lt Gerald F. Faivre, AC SO-15
60th BS 2nd Lt George W. Faust N-B-R (1038)
61st BS Cpl Howard C. Felts TG
61st BS Cpl Frederick M. Fine 611 SQO 25-11/13/44
62nd BS Pfc Samuel L. Famous,

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62nd BS Pfc Mortimer Greenwald
60th BS 2nd Lt Charles H. Guernsey 1093 Roster of Officers

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62nd BS Pfc Watt Hamilton 611 SO-13 - Load 41
61st BS T/Sgt Joe W. Hampel FE
Sqd Order 25-11/13/44
61st BS Cpl Robert J. Harrigan Gunner (611)
Sqd Order 25-11/13/44

61st BS Cpl Keith W. Heaton 611 Sqd Ord25-11/13/44
S/Sgt Albert E. Horvath Radio SO 261 Sunset Proj
61st BS 2nd Lt Arthur A. Hucker Pilot

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61st BS S/Sgt Stephen M. Ignatz FE
Sqd Order 25-11/13/44

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60th BS Sgt Henry P. Januskiewicz Air Medal orders

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62nd BS 1st Lt Malcolm J. Kaplan FE SO-113
61st BS Cpl Park B. Klie RG Sqd Order 25-11/13/44

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62nd BS M/Sgt Garland E. Lawsen FE SO 266 par 14 Sunset Proj.
61st BS Cpl Thomas L. Leinbach 611
Sqd Order 25-11/13/44
1st Lt Herbert C. Leland
62nd BS 1st Lt Allen L. Lindow 62nd O Roster; GO62 AMOLC-9/13/45
61st BS Cpl Victor W. Litchfield RO

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61st BS S/Sgt James V. Manglass 611 SO 182-07/01/44;Sqd Order 19-10/27/44
61st BS Pfc Francis T. Martin 611 Sqd Order 25-11/13/44
62nd BS Pfc Archie R. McCarty 611 SO 182-07/01/44
60th BS Pvt Clayton L. McDonald 611 SO182-07-01-44
61st BS Cpl Richard S. Metcalf 611 SO-15
61st BS S/Sgt Elmer Motte 61st EM Roster-9/15/45; GO-32 8/14/45 AM olc; /GO25-8/16/45

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F/O William H. Noland FE SO 266 Sunset Proj

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61st BS Cpl Edwin J. Paige Jr. 611 Sqd Order 25-11/13/44

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61st BS 2nd Lt Delmar J. Reagan FE SO-113/Sqd Order 25-11/13/44
61st BS Pfc Richard M. Richeson 611 Sqd Order 25-11/13/44

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61st BS Pfc Robert L. Schmid 611 Sqd Order 25-11/13/44
61st BS 1st Lt Lee B. Schlobohm 1038 SO-15
60th BS 2nd Lt Roy C. Sears Jr. FE
F/O Anton V. Schwartz FE SO 266 Sunset Proj
61st BS 2nd Lt Bill N. Shepard 1038 SO-15
61st BS Cpl Dale H. Sies 611 Sqd Order 25-11/13/44
61st BS 2nd Lt Harold W. Slater Pilot Sqd Order 25-11/13/44
60th BS Capt Joseph N. Spencer, Pilot SO182-07-01-44

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61st BS Cpl Edward H. Talton CFC SO-15
61st BS Pfc Paul W. Turner FE Sqd Order 19-10/27/44; 61st EM Roster 9/15/45

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62nd BS S/Sgt John P. Vorves Gunner SO 182-07/01/44

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61st BS 2nd Lt George W. Ward Nav Sqd Order 25-11/15/44
62nd BS 1st Lt Arthur Wedeer Nav SO 266 par 14 Sunset Proj.
61st BS Cpl William J. Whitby 611
Sqd Order 25-11/13/44
61st BS Cpl Edward P. Whalen 611 Sqd Order 25-11/13/44
61st BS Cpl George Wigginton 611 Sqd Order 25-11/13/44
61st BS Cpl Richard R. Willener 611 SO-15; Sqd Order 25-11/13/44

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61st BS Cpl Elmer C. Yearred 611 Sqd Order 25-11/13/44

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Source: Various Military Orders; "History of the 39th Bomb Group"
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