39th Bomb Group (VH)
Crew 6

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"City of Ketchikan"
Brinck Crew
Replacement Crew 6

Here is a photo of the crew showing the offical name of their B-29
"City of Ketchikan"
Photo Courtesy of Cecil E. Davis

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"City of Ketchikan" Combat Crew
Photo Courtesy of Cecil E. Davis

Standing L to R:
1st Lt Richard G. Brinck Airplane Commander
2nd Lt Elmer M. "Andy" Anderson  Navigator
1st Lt  William O'Brien  Flight Engineer
2nd Lt Hollis B. Logan Radar
2nd Lt Cecil E. Davis  Pilot
2nd Lt Julian Radziewitz  Bombardier
Kneeling L to R:
S/Sgt John R. Buell  Radio Operator
Sgt Joseph R. Nalepa  Right Gunner
Cpl Harvey Schwartz  Tail Gunner
S/Sgt George E. Dellopoulos  CFC Gunner
Cpl William P. Leonhardt  Left Gunner

Photo courtesy of Sandra and Cynthia Brinck, daughters of Dick Brinck

Pilot Cecil Davis (left cockpit window), Airplane Commander Dick Brinck (right cockpit window) and if you look hard in the Bombardier's greenhouse - you can see Julian Radziewitz, Bombardier.

Photo courtesy of Sandra and Cynthia Brinck, daughters of Dick Brinck

Officers of Replacement Crew 6: Airplane Commander Richard Dick Brinck; Pilot Cecil Davis; Radar Operator Hollis Logan; Navigator Elmer "andy" Anderson; Bombardier Juilan Radziewitz and Flight Engineer William O'Brien. Photo courtesy of Sandra and Cynthia Brinck, daughters of Dick Brinck.

Photo courtesy of Sandra and Cynthia Brinck,
daughters of Dick Brinck.

Enlisted Men of Replacement Crew 6:
Right Gunner, Joseph Napela; Radio Operator
John R. Buell; Tail Gunner Harvey Schwartz; CFC Gunner George E. Dellopoulos and Left Gunner William P. Leonhardt.

Photo Courtesy of Cecil E. Davis

1st Lt. Richard Brinck , Ketchikan, Alaska (hence the name) headed the "City Of Ketchikan" crew.

The crew had its birth at Davis-Monthon Air Base in Tucson, Arizona, in early July 1945. That's when all the men arrived and were assigned to a B-29 crew for phase training.

Completing the training we were shipped by train to Kearney, Nebraska where we were supposed to pick up our airplane.

No plane was available so we boarded a troop train to Hamilton AB, California and ATC, via Hickman, Johnson Island, Kwajalien to Harmon Field, Guam and then to the 39th Bomb Group at North Field.

This was July 1945. We became a replacement crew for P-6. "We flew three combat missions" reported Hollis Logan.

Photo Shown Right - Standing: 2nd Lt Elmer Anderson, Nav; 2nd Lt Cecil Davis, Pilot; and 2nd Lt Hollis Logan, Radar. Kneeling: 1st Lt Richard G. Brinck, AC - just prior to departing Davis Monthan Army Air Field.

 Replacement Crew 06
Brinck Crew Honor Roll
1st Lt Richard G. Brinck 
Airplane Commander
10 July 1993
1st Lt Hollis B. Logan 
Radar Observer
19 January 2017
2nd Lt Cecil E. Davis 
18 December 2020


26 January 2021:
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23 September 2013
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22 April 2012
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15 May 2005
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14 January 2005 - Corrected the spelling of some crew members names based on SO 195 dtd 14 Jul 1945 issued by HQ DMAAF - Movement orders.

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