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Sgt Robert E. Weiler
Left Gunner

This Page is dedicated to My father for his service and dedication to his country .. to his family and to me. 

For the countless times you have been there for me, providing guidence .. a helping hand or there just to lend an ear and listen.

Most of all for your unconditional love and support


The Distinguised Flying Cross

Humorous war time moment (which all depends on which side your on of course),  "While back in Kansas, I had cranked the gear down and back up at the center-section fitting, and was working my way through the aft bomb bay to my station.  While I was swinging from one bomb shakle to another, the "front office" .. opened the bay doors to give me a better view of  Kansas from 8000 feet.  Slowly & very carefully, I inched my way along to the bulk head door, where  i was met with waves of laughter!!  Monte (co-pilot), over the intercom asked if we had "lost anyone back there?"  This was for my benefit I'm sure.  I thanked him for his concern, although I'm sure he may have questioned my sincereity....

After the war Bob returned home to continue his education, which had been inturpted by the war.  He attended Hofstra College (University) graudating in 1947.  He  worked briefly as cost accountant. He also worked worked for American Airlines working his way up to Chief Control Agent in Syracuse, NY.  Bob then got an offer "I couldn't refuse" to join a travel agency.  He managed, the agency, then in 1966 moved to Sarasota, Florida, where he also managed a travel agency .

Later he bought the agency and together with his wife, Louise, ran it for about 10 years.  Since then Bob has kept busy doing a variety of things over the years since.... preparing taxes, driving a school bus, over 50 years of service with Boy Scouts Of America, drove the County Bookmobile for approximately 6 years,  volunteered his services at Sarasota Memorial Hospital. 

Bob (and Louise) also enjoy camping, often they can be seen loading their motorhome and preparing to tavel somewhere. They are members of the Florida Sun Gators (motorhome/camping club).  Bob and Louise are members of the Historic Aviation Society .. and currently Bob is President and Louise is Secretary of the 39th Bomb Group (VH) Association. 

February 8, 2002 - Bob Weiler Honored

Bob and Louise w/ Gen Paul Tibbetts
Pictured: Bob and Louise
w/ General Paul Tibbets
in Kissimmee, Florida
April 2000
Bob and his wife, Louise, were married 2 December 1944. They have 3 children,  12 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren and 5 great great grandchild.

With all that he has done over the years .. he always found time to pursue his "labor of love" painting,
Aviation Illustrations.
[Click the link above to view Bob's art work]

Louise & Bob Weiler
39th Bomb Group Reunion
Wichita, KS 2001
(photo courtesy of Elmo Huston, FE, P-7)

[post card home]
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Bobw1a.jpg [Post Card Home #2]
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A Few Post Cards Home to His Sweetheart Louise
(Isn't it Romantic)

bobw8.jpg bobw3.jpg
Ready For Leave Ready for combat action on the ground or in the air

bobw4a.jpg bobw3.jpg

bobw7.jpg bobw6.jpg
Bob at Batista Field, Cuba No wonder they put him in a  B-29
Sgt Robert E. Weiler took his Final Flight on 2 Nov 2015. A memorial service was held 10 Nov; Internment was 18 Nov at Sarasota National Cemetery.

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