39th Bomb Group (VH)
61st Squadron


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Members of the 61st BS pathfinding at Sloppy Joe's - Havanna Cuba
27 January 1945
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Sgt Stanley L Westover, LG, P-27 1st Lt Harvey Hoth, Bomb, P-32 F/O Edward Kammer, Radar, P-28 Capt Chester W. Taylor, Nav, P-28 Sgt Frank Wien, TG, P-27 Capt George Walsh, AC, P-27 Capt Anthony Quesada, Radar, P-27 2nd Lt Thomas A. Cronin, Nav, P-27 1st Lt George Bopp M/Sgt John Echert, FE, P-27 1st Lt Ernest Rogers, Bomb, P-28 S/Sgt Arthur Loera, CFC, P-27 Capt Charles B. Miller, AC, P-28 Sgt Gerald Kelly, RO, P-27 1st Lt Harry D. Hink, Pilot, P-27 Lt James Taylor, Bomb, P-27 Sgt Robert Windels, RG, P-27 Lt Fred Dock, Nav, P-33 Major James Howard, 61st Operations 2nd Lt Graham Elvgren Capt James Gary, AC, P-33 1st Lt Robert Woodard, Radar, P-33
Combat Crew
"Two Passes and Crap" (773) When the plane righted itself for the second time, Senger again asked Bates for our altitude. We were now at 500 feet! 
Crew photo and roster; Crew Honor Roll; Missions unknown. Can you help provide additional information?
July 13, 1944 found 195 "combat crewmen" shipped to Alamogordo, New Mexico for training. These orders did not include officers. We, enlisted men, were being trained, as were the officers.
B-29 # 44-69756 "Sliver Streak": on their thirteenth combat mission received the Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) for the daylight formation hit on Kobe 5 June. Flak damage was significant. We lost an engine over the target, cabin ruptures caused partial decompression and pilot, Bob Winn's flak suit prevented loss of "his manhood" when it stopped a 3 inch piece of shrapnel that came through his seat, his survival dinghy and stopped when it hit the flap of his flak suit between his legs.
B-29# 42-94045 "Liberty Belle II"; Mission list, Mission Diary
1,000th B-29 built by Boeing-Wichita was assigned to this crew; their missions were a mix of combat missionsand navigational escort (from Saipan).
Original Crew 26 - On 28 April, one composite Squadron of the 39th of 12 aircraft, along with other groups of the 314th Wing, struck the Kushira Airfield - Updated
Replacement Crew 26 was assembled in Pyote Texas. They flew 17 missions; Crew History, photos, crew profiles.
B-29 # 44-6971 "Little George" Arrived on Guam 01 April 1945, Flew 28 Missions including the "Show of Force" 02 September 1945
The "City of Virginia Beach" went from 1000 feet to the deck PDQ! - Updated: Added Crew Member Profile; Identified men in crew photo
29 December 1945 - Our crew bailed out near Smoky Hill because two engine fires and a runaway prop.
B29 #42-65364 "City Of Roswell"/"Skyscrapper" read what happened to this crew and their aircraft. Added video interview with 3 crew members regarding their bailout on 1 June 1945 - Updated
Orders were cut for Crew 31 15 November, 1944 at Smoky Hill as were those for Crews 21 to 37. At some point this crew was reassigned and found their way to 315th BW's 331st BG at Northwest Field, Guam. Crew photos and roster, crew profile.
Replacement Crew 31:  Seriously hurt by a direct flak hit and a closely pressed enemy attack while on the bomb run P-31 found itself in perilous straits...
B 29 # 44-69796 "City of Albuquerque" aka "Piledriver"
Crew 33 flew 32 missions against the Japanese with 469 hours. They dedicated their plane to the 52nd Seabees who built just about everything on Guam.
The men of the "Black Sheep" were on a daylight strike against Kushira airfield on Kyushu, Japan on April 28, 1945...
Crew 35 flew a total of 18 missions as a crew; some of the crew did fly missions as fill-ins on other crews.
Crew 36 flew 21 missions, thanks to Hyman Blumenstock, for providing mission list and photos.
B-29 # 42-93975 "Four Aces" and "Her Majesty"; Crew missions
Complete Crew roster & List of missions provided by Orrin Beane, Jr., son of the crew's Tail Gunner.
The information on Crew 39 came from a list compiled by Lt. Robert Woodard, P-33. Updated crew list submitted by Ray Schwatz, P-6 Updated: Crew roster
This crew flew 13 combat missions in additional mission to Korea on 30 Sept 1945; while on a training mission 3 October 1945 they ditched crash at 1209 hrs 8 miles W. of Aguinan, Marianas - mission flown in B-29 # 44-69792 (P-33) 9 members of the regular crew and 1 replacement from Crew 36 were aboard - one person survived!
This crew is listed on Speical Order 186 issued by HQ 314th BW as being in the 39th Bomb Group (VH). This is the first mention of this crew. If you have any additional information about this crew please contact us.
On 25-26 May 1945, B-29 (airframe number 42-94079, 314BW 39BG) crashed on the farm of Yabunodai, Maruya, Makida-village (now, Kisarazu-city), Kimitsu-county, Chiba-prefecture (One of the lost 26 aircrafts that participated in Tactical Mission 183, Target: Tokyo Urban Area).
This crew appears on Special Order 195 issued by HQ Davis-Monthan AAF, 14 July 1945; then appear on 39th BG 61st Rosters dated Sept 1945. If you have any additional information about this crew please contact us.
This crew arrived late in the war as a replacement crew and flew one mission. If you have any additional information about this crew please contact us.
According to Capt Ken Trow this crew flew only 5 missions before the end of the war. Updated: Additional Crew photos have been added including a photo of the ground crew. Your help is needed in identifying the men of this crew
Crew Member Profiles
Addleman Robert L.
Anderson Gordon A
Bates, Jr. Edward L.
Baubie William E.
Beevers Clarence
Benson Lyman G.

Blumenstock Hyman
Bowman Arthur C.
Brellenthin Birdell J.
Buchinski Charles D.
Buettgenbach Max A.
Clark Joseph W.
Costa William A.
Coutt Charles B.
Cummings Milton T.

Cronin Thomas A.
Dahl, Jr John C.
Deats Efford C.
Devine Lawrence H.
Diven Earl W.
Donahoo David P., Jr.

Donovan Dalvin E.
Doty Kenneth G.
Durrance, Victor R.
Elvgren Graham E.
Fauver Lester P.
Felix David
Greene Bernard
Harter William H., Jr.

Hero Astor G.
Hickey Robert L.
Hill Benjamin F.
Hink Harry D. 
Howard Melvin J.
Kammer Edward
 Kanick Edward M.
Kolbert, Howard
Kopit Aaron M.
Kuebelbeck Henry F.

Laux Leo J.
Leinbach Laurence B.

Long Marvin H.
Martinez Jasper Jr.
Mastromatteo Pasquale P.
McCandless Jim A.
Orenchek Alexander
Orton Clayton O, Jr.
Pile Sterling

Pratt Billy
Quesada Anthony
Roberson Thomas C.
Rogers Ernest T.
Romspert Edward A.
Russell Carlton, W.
Sadler Hammond
Schwoegler, James E.

Smalling Winston W.
Smith David C.
Sprotsy John C.
Stewart Leonard E.
Styron Woodland M.

Tomasetti Albert P.
Tuttle Edgar A.

Venturelli John
Vogt Conrad E.

Wagner David G.
Weiler Robert E.
Wiley Edwin S.
Wood William L.
Wrublevski Frank
Wyckoff, James W.