39th Bomb Group (VH)

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2nd Lt Robert W. Swartz

Entered the Service from: Washington
Died: April 27, 1945
Missing in Action or Buried at Sea
Tablets of the Missing at Honolulu Memorial
Honolulu, Hawaii

The above date listed 27 April 1945 is the same date 6 known members of Crew 50 were lost. Ralph Weston, Pilot (P-47) recalls in "Experiences of One Pilot" that Leon Tomberg, who was listed as Bombardier on the stateside roster was replaced. Given that Tomberg was later assigned to Crew 52, which was lost 24 May 1945, its assumed that Robert Swartz must have been the bombardier who replaced Tomberg on Crew 50. David Hirsch, LG of Crew 50 and the only remaining living member of the three (3) that survived the war confirmed that 2nd Lt Robert W. Swartz was the bombardier on their fateful mission.

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Source: American Battle Monuments Commission; 39th Causalities List