39th Bomb Group (VH)

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Jerome Zee - Airplane Commander
L to R Front: Carroll Hart, CFC; Howard Hunsinger, RG; Joe Jacaruso, TG
L to R Back: Henry Moesner, Radio;
Raymond Jacob, LG
T/Sgt Carroll Hart, CFC (leaving for the US) says goodbye to Hunsinger, Jacob, Moesner
Sgt James Sherrer, Repl CFC, P-47
Sgt Huston Putney, LG, P-49 (r)
Crew 47 at Rest Camp - Hawaii
Sherrer, Hunsinger, Moesner, Jacob
Front L to R: Joe Jacaruso, Ray Jacob
Back L to R: H. Moesner, H. Hunsinger
Left: 1st Lt Edward Davenport, Radar
1st Lt Ralph Weston, Pilot
Left working around table
R. Jacob, H. Hunsinger, J. Jacaruso, E. Davenport (center), H. Moesner,
1st Lt Carl Gabriel, Bombardier (right)

Source:Joe Jacaruso, TG, P-47