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We are searching for any military orders that contain the names of any 39th Bomb Group Veterans.

Unfortunately there are gaps in our history. Most of the aerial crew rosters are complete - by this I mean there are 11 positions listed and 11 names for those positions. At times it is indicated that there were replacement personnel either because an airmen was ill and unable to fly a mission or because the airmen was lost. However, there are a few aerial crews where there are only 4 names listed. With copies of orders, perhaps we can find the missing names of veterans that should be honored with their crew.

As an example, I received a copy of orders as part of the personal accomplishments of a 39th Veteran to list on the web site.  At the same time, from someone else I received a copy of a photo and the last names of a crew of the 39th to post on the site (this is one of the cases where there were only 4 names listed).

By receiving the orders a copy of the orders from the veteran for accomplishment and the fact that those orders included more than just his name - I was able to search through the 500 names listed and find the last names of those listed with the crew photo - thankfully the crew names were not common.

Also, for this same crew which now had a complete roster, there was a picture of 4 meatballs on the side of their B-29 but the names were not clearly visible, now that with a competed list of names from that crew, it was determined whose names were listed with the meatballs. It's always easier to make out (or guess as the case may be) a questionable name when you have a source to start with.

In addition, these orders will be a great resource in helping to determine ground personnel. While there is information it is limited when compared to the Air Echelon. Everyone who served whether it be in the Air or on Ground deserves to be honored!!

Inquires are received from visitors who are searching for what their father or grandfather or uncle did in World War II and perhaps all they know is that they served on Guam. These names are great resources for that also.

If you wish to share your orders ... please contact the webmaster@39th.org with what orders you have so we can see if your copy is needed. And know that to someone who searching, maybe you have been able to help fill just one piece of the puzzle.

To view some of the orders related to the 39th Bomb Group (VH) - Description Only names are not listed at this time [click here]

Many many thanks to those who have already sent me their orders ....

Pete Weiler
webmaster 39th.org
Son of Robert Weiler, Left Gunner, Crew 30
39th Bomb Group (VH)

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