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The following lineage is from "Air Force Units of World War II" by Maurer, Maurer published in 1986.

Constituted as 314th Bombardment Wing (Very Heavy) on 15 Apr 1944 and activated on 23 Apr. Moved to Guam, Dec 1944-Feb 1945. Assigned to Twentieth AF. Engaged in very heavy bombardment operations from Feb to Aug 1945. Redesignated 314th Composite Wing in Jan 1946. Assigned to Far East Air Forces. Moved to Japan in Jun 1946. Inactivated on 20 Aug 1948.

Redesignated 314th Air Division. Activated in Japan on 1 Dec 1950. Assigned to Far East Air Forces. Provided air defense for Japan and logistic support for combat operations in Korea. Inactivated in Japan on 1 Mar 1952.

Activated in Korea on 15 Mar 1955. Assigned to Far East Air Forces.

Components. Groups. 3d Bombardment: 1946-1948. 19th Bombardment: 1944-1946. 29th Bombardment: 1944-1946. 35th Fighter: 1946-1948. 39th Bombardment: 1944-1945. 49th Fighter: 1946-1948. 330th Bombardment: 1944-1945.

Wings. 35th Fighter: 1951-1952. 58th Fighter: 1955-. 374th Troop Carrier: 1950-1951. 437th Troop Carrier: 1950-1951.

Stations. Peterson Field, Colo, 23 Apr-9 Dec 1944; North Field, Guam, 16 Jan 1945; Johnson AB, Japan, 15 Jun 1946-20 Aug 1948. Nagoya, Japan, 1 Dec 1950-1 Mar 1952. Osan-Ni, Korea, 15 Mar 1955-.

Commanders. Brig Gen Roger M Ramey, 1 Jun 1944; Lt Col Hewitt T Wheless, 15 Jun 1944; Col John G Fowler, 24 Jun 1944; Brig Gen Thomas S Power, 29 Aug 1944; Col Carl R Storrie, 23 Jul 1945-unkn; Brig Gen Jarred V Crabb, c. Jun 1946; Col Clarence D Wheeler, 30 Jul 1946; Brig Gen David W Hutchison, 23 Aug 1946; Brig Gen Herbert B Thatcher, 18 Feb 1947; Col Edward H Underhill, c. Apr 1947-1948. Brig Gen Delmar T Spivey, 1 Dec 1950-1 Mar 1952. Col William W Momyer, 15 Mar 1955; Col Thomas L Mosley, c. Sep 1955-.

Campaigns. Air Offensive, Japan; Western Pacific.

Decorations. None.

Insigne. On an ultramarine blue disc, in sinister base, a globe, proper, with silver water areas and brown land areas, fimbriated gold, winged at dexter by a stylized wing of the last, charged with four aerial bombs gules palewise, points to base. Motto: Destructio Ab Alto - Destruction from Above. (Approved 20 Jan 1945. This insigne was modified 9 May 1956.)

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Source: Air Force Units of WWII" Maurer, Maurer, 1986
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