39th Bomb Group (VH)

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These lists was compiled from various 39th BG orders, crew histories and Sqaudron Rosters as well names listed in "History of 39th Bomb Group" Ground Echelon Section
Can you help determine what squadron and/or what position these veterans held? These names were found in various documents of the 39th BG.
Currently this has Biographies of various Operations and Ground Echelon Command personnel

The Armament Section was reponsible for the proper function of all guns, bomb racks and associated equipment on the B-29s. Updated added 62nd Sqd Armament Section

Bombsight Mechanics were considered part of this section - they were responsible for the maintenance and repair of the bombsight and as it related to the B-29's auto pilot system.

This section was charged with the care and maintenance of the Central Fire Control System. Updated added 61st Sqd CFC Maint Section
This section has photos of those men who repaired and kept the planes flying.
This section handled personnel records, rosters and transmission of orders covering every activity from pay and promotions to promotions and citations and transfers
Updated to include: HQ, 60th, 61st & 62nd Ordnance Personnel
Equipment Section
Sgt Boyd Owen - Personal Equipment Technician - 61st Squadron
Cpl Louis Montuori - Camera Technician - 60th Squadron
Sgt Howard V. Dickey - Camera Technician - 61st Squadron -
Sgt James M. Little - Camera Technician - 62nd Squadron
This was responsible for the repair and replacement of propellers and governors on the aircraft of the group.
Identification help is needed for this section
Sheet Metal Shop
60th Squadron Sheet Metal Section

314th Bomb Wing
This section is to honor the men who served at 314th BW level

Air Service Groups
31st, 69th, 89th and 90th Service Groups provided specialize maintenace and repair support for the 19th, 29th, 39th and 330th Bomb Groups.

Individual Ground Personnel Pages
Abell Loren E.
Anderson Francis S.

Basore Ray F.
Bass Louis H.
Batchelor Floyd P.
Bettinson, Robert M.
Beverly, Cecil G.
Bickford Leslie L.

Bounds, Jr, Ira A.

Brown William F.
Brug Norman C.
Carroll Kenneth
Catanese Carmen A.
Collins Thomas E.
Couser Edward R.

Danhof John

Day James F.
Dickey Howard V.
Dickey William S.

Driskill Will E.
Faldet Melbourne O.

Feldhake, Joseph H.
Finlay James F.
Fisk E. Dale (314th BW)
Flannigan Thomas W.
Furlong Harry L.
Pflugh Theodore
Picheloup Maurice J. (314th BW)
Porter Glenn A. (314th BW)
Renner Edwin G. (314th BW)
Robinson James M.
Rodich Marvin J.
Ross John R.
Salo Ernest Tio 
Sams Russell R.

See Albert A.

Setzer Kenneth J.
Servidio Ralph G.
Schoeck Robert J.
Shaffer Frederick I.
Sherman James G.
Singleton Charles G.
Smith John M.
Stokes Norman L.
Tonkin Robert R.
Thomas (Thomasulo) Sebastian

Vick James A.

Whittemore Raymond C.
Wesloski George R.
Worsham Theron W.