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Sgt Orrin S. Beane
Tail Gunner

Cpl Orrin S. Beane

Orrin S. Beane born 4 June 1925 attended Lapeer High School in Lapeer, Michigan in 1943. He was inducted into the service through selective services on 15 September 1943 from Detroit, Michigan and entered into active service 6 October 1943.

Beane received his aircrew training at Whittenberg College, Springfield, Ohio, with Aerial Gunnery training at Tyndall Field, Florida (now Tyndall AFB).

He began B-29 training mission at Alamogordo, NM while attached to the 231st AAF BU, flying 24 training missions from 8 November 1944 to 31 March 1945 then to Herington, KS and on to Mather Field arriving on 19 April 1945. Five days later, on 24 April 1945 Orrin and his crew departed Mather Field arriving on Guam 28 April 1945.

Beane served in Guam for 3 months and completed 13 of the crew's 14 missions as Tail Gunner of the crew with a MOS of Airplane Armorer - Gunner (612). His duties included inspecting, maintaining and repairing 50 caliber machine guns. He made daily inspections and running repairs. Assembled and disassembled guns and replaced or repaired all defective, broken or worn parts. Cleaned and oiled all moving parts as well as operated turret type remote control guns.

On 13 July 1945 he left Guam for Lead Crew Training arriving in the states on 14 July.Given the date of the crew's lead crew training and the Surrender of the Japanese on 14 August 1945 the crew remained in States.

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Honorable Discharge
13 November 1945

Orrin was Honorably Discharged from the service at the Army Air Force Separation Center Santa Ana, CA on 13 November 1945.

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Honorably Discharge
Army Reserves
12 November 1948

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Flying Sqd "Club 16"
4 April 1944
L to R:
First Row: W.D. Burwell, D.P. Bishop, A.R. Cady
2nd Row: K.A. Bohnhoff, A.L. Clemens, O.C Andress, M.B. Cambiano, E.M. Brim
3rd Row: N.H. Anderson, Jack D. Beaton, W.R. Berg, J. Briggs, E.A. Childress, T.D Clayton, O.S. Beane, C.F. Austerberry
Photo taken while either at Whittenberg Springfield, OH while taking pre-flight training or Flexible Gunnery School, Tyndall Field.

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Thanks to Orrin Beane, Jr and his family for providing information about his father as well as photos from their family's collection. You make contact Orrin Jr. at

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