39th Bomb Group (VH)

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"City of Pine Bluff"
B-29 # Unknown

Taken Herington, KS 17 April 1945
Photo courtesy of Beane Family

Standing L to R:
1st Lt Lloyd L. Casto Airplane Commander
2nd Lt James P. Ebert Pilot
F/O Edmound L. Hauber Radar
1st Lt Edward B. Watson Bombardier
1st Lt William E. Baubie Navigator
Kneeling L to R:
S/Sgt Wiliam L. Aubrey Left Gunner
S/Sgt Elbert W. Davis CFC Gunner
Sgt Orrin S. Beane Tail Gunner
S/Sgt Philip W. Taylor Radio Operator
T/Sgt Paul D. Cochrane Flight Engineer
Sgt John J. Kennedy Right Gunner

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Crew 38
Honor Roll
Sgt Orrin S. Beane
Tail Gunner
24 March 1984
1st Lt Lloyd L. Casto
Airplane Commander
26 June 2002
1st Lt William E. Baubie
2 December 2007

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Photo courtesy of Beane Family
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Kneeling L to R:
T/Sgt Paul D. Cochrane,FE; S/Sgt Philip W. Taylor, RO
Standing L to R:
Sgt John J. Kennedy, RG; S/Sgt Elbert Davis, CFC; S/Sgt William L. Aubrey, LG; 1st Lt Lloyd L. Casto, AC; 1st Lt William E. Baubie,Nav; 2nd Lt James P. Ebert, P; F/O Edmound L. Hauber,Radar; 1st Lt Edward B. Watson, Bomb


14 Dec 2007:

Added William E. Baubie to Crew Honor Roll.

06 March 2002:

The names of the Pilot and the above listed EM have been added to this crew's roster as result of contact with the family of Orrin S. Beane. More information to follow. You may contact the Tail Gunner's son, Orrin S. Beane, Jr. at:

Originally only 4 men were listed, the Airplane Commander, Navigator, Bombardier and Radar, which came from a list complied by Lt Robert Woodard, P-33. Additionally there are 4 crews that remain with only a partial roster, they are Crew 26 (replacement), Crew 39, Crew 55, Crew 59.

In anyone has any additional information about Crew 38 or any of the other crews listed above, please email:

Source: "History of the 39th Bomb Group", Orrin Beane, Jr.; David A. Robb