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The following is a list of 39th Headquarters Personnel. These names appeared on General Order 25 dated 16 August 1945 issued by 39th Headquarters. MOS or Duty if listed was taken from other orders of the Group. If you know of some that should be listed here and is not or a name that appears here should be on the 60th, 61st, or 62nd Squadron lists please email updates@39th.org, so that corrections came be made. Also, if you have any orders that pertain to the 39th BG and you are willing share these please contact webmaster@39th.org to see if those orders are needed.

Any of the veterans' names that are displayed as links have a profile or dedication page assocated with it. If your name or your family's veteran is listed and here and there is not a profile or dedication page associated, please contact us - so we can work with you getting the information added. Please email updates@39th.org


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Sgt Louis E. Agamie - Medical NCO
Cpl Melvin L. Allis
Pfc George Alpert
Capt Douglas W. Armitage - Supply O
Capt Hanford L. Auten - Grp Surgeon

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M/Sgt William L. Ballard - Intell NCO
Cpl Andrew L. Balog
S/Sgt Claudius C. Barrack
Major Harris N. Bell - Grp Bombardier
Sgt Edward F. Bernd
Capt Raymond Blaustein - Grp Dental O
T/Sgt John Boschee - Operations
Capt Jackson C Brownson - Grp Weather O
Pvt Dale L. Bryant
Cpl Delma L. Butler

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Pfc Mike Calabrese
1st Lt John W. Cargile - Statisical Control
T/Sgt Bernard G. Carucci
Pfc Edmund A. Casey
1st Lt Howard B. Christmas -Communications O
Major Hunter S. Coad - Aircraft Engr Offcr
Lt Col John E. Condron
Cpl Scott Conley
1st Lt Giro Corso - Personal Equip Offcr
T/Sgt Merle E. Covart
Cpl Clement J. Crepeau
Cpl Victor C. Culver Jr.

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Sgt Emil J. Dalak
Cpl Glenn Davis
Pfc Ernest DeAngelis Jr.
M/Sgt Elmer P. Deeds - Crew Chief
M/Sgt Walter J. Denkwalter
Cpl Kenneth J. Devlin

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S/Sgt Everett Eddleston
S/Sgt Charles W. Elliott

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Sgt Harold Feierman
Col John G. Fowler Grp CO - Feb. 45
Major Oliver E. Fowler Asst. A Inspector
Major Daniel H. Foxwell - Adjutant Operations
Lt Col William H. Frederick Jr. - Ops Offcer
Capt Robert L. Frerichs - Electronics O

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Pfc George J. Gerken
Capt Douglas S. Goodwin - Armament O
Cpl Robert L. Gowing

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1st Lt Harry G. Hadler - Aerial Photo Interpretr
Capt Phillip D. Hamlin Electronics Ofcr
W/O Harmon G. Hart - Asst Grp Engineer O 11/30/44
Capt John F. Harvey - Asst Grp Air Inspectr 11/30/44
Capt Ralph H Hazel GRP FE MIA: 27 April 1945
Cpl James T. Herbert
Pfc Luie G. Hernandez
Sgt Glennon J. Hogan
Major Roger L. Howard - Operations Offcr
Capt Thomas B. Howard - Aviation Ordn Offcr
Pfc Richard B. Huedepohl

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S/Sgt Ernest A. Innes - Cryptographic Tech

J [jump menu]
Capt Roy L. Jackman - Grp. Navigator
Sgt Bryce R. Jensen
Cpl Howard L. Johnson
M/Sgt Robert A. Judice - Communications Chief

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Pfc Walter Koczorowski
Sgt Paul F. Kolomber

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Pfc Armand J Lemieux
Capt Maxwell A. Lerner - Aerial Photo Officer
1st Lt Eugene Linsker - Grp Ordnance O
Capt James R. Lounsberry - Special Services
Capt Archie H. Low - Grp Ordnance O - 11/30/44

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Capt Thomas C. Mahoney - Armament Offcr
Cpl Edward P. Matos - Photo Lab Tech
John W. Matthews Jr. - Operations
Pfc Bobby Mayberry
Capt Bernard P. McCormick - Intell Staff (S-2)
Major Thomas L. McKissack - Pilot, 4 engine
1st Lt Francis J. Minchak - Asst Statistical Control O
Major John S. Moffatt (Training Surg)
Pfc Clement A. Morse
Pfc Edwin S. Motykowski
1st Lt Burton B. Moyer Jr - Info and Educ Officer
Col George W. Mundy - Grp CO

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Cpl Henry E. Neven - Clerk, Typist

P [jump menu]
Pfc David L. Parker
Capt Chester H. Pelt - Chaplain
Capt David M. Pert - Grp. Aircraft Maint Offr
Cpl Raymond H. Petersen
Sgt George J. Pimlott
T/Sgt Colburn P. Pool - Classification Specialist

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Sgt Kenneth L. Qurnell

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Major Charles T. Radford - Intelligence Offcr
Major Rawleigh H. Ralls - Operations Con Offcr
Cpl Lorenzo W. Richards - Operations
1st Lt Walter A. Rider - Grp Communications O
Col James E. Roberts - Grp CO 8/16/45
1st Lt Vernon V. Robertson - Asst Grp Gunnery O - 11/30/44
Cpl Lester W. Rose
T/Sgt Frederick M. Rowe
1st Lt Ira Rubin - ECM
Major Wendell L. Russell - Acft Engineering Offcr

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1st Lt Richard H. Saleeby
S/Sgt Robert R. Sanford
Sgt Ely Schleifstein
T/Sgt Alvin W. Schneider - Admin NCO
Col James C. Selser Jr.
Pfc Gerald O. Shepard
Cpl Emmett B. Shutes
T/Sgt Charles G. Singleton Airplane Armorer
Sgt James B. Singleton
Pfc Michael Sitch
WOJG Leo W. Slater - Asst Grp Personnel O
Capt Robert B. Sloane
1st Lt Joseph E. Smith - Staff Flight Engineer
Pfc Albert Soloman
1st Lt Sylvan Spirs - Special Services O
Pfc Frank K. Steele
Capt John C. Stephens Jr. - Intell O - Grp Historian
Sgt Edward J. Stepp
T/Sgt Roy C. Stiles
Pfc Russell W. Strachota
Sgt James E. Strother - Pharmacy Tech
Sgt Howard G. Stultz
Lt Col Frank P. Sturivant - Deputy Grp CO.
Capt Ambrose Switzer - Chaplain (Catholic)
Pfc Michael L. Szczygiel

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2nd Lt Henry W. Talbot
M/Sgt Willard E. Taylor - Admin NCO
Lt Col James H. Thompson - Grp. Operations Offcr
1st Lt Edward R. Thurn - Medical Admin O
Sgt Leon D. Tolley
Sgt Donald L. Truhn

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Cpl Thomas R. Van Fleet
Pfc Ruben Vergara
1st Lt James A. Vick - Grp Medical O

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Capt Charles E. Wagg, Jr. Grp Navigator
Cpl Walter Wahl
T/Sgt John D. Watson
Lt Col Campbell Weir - transferred to other Org
Capt Curnel S Williamson III - Operations Offcr
M/Sgt John S. Wimberlay - Intell NCO
S/Sgt Edward S. Witecki - Ordnance
Pvt Julian H. Worley - transferred to other Org

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Major Frederick C. Zitkowski - Asst.Operations Offcr

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22 Dec 2006 - Added Duty for Capt Switzer per L. Jackson, CFC, P-45
25 Mar 2006 - Added Names per Roster of Officers - 11/30/44

14 May 2005 - Added MOS per SO 85, 314th HQ 4/25/45

8 Nov 2004 Added Missing names and added duty

17 February 2004 - Added MOS per Roster of Officers 10 Nov 1945

Source: Various Military Orders; "History of the 39th Bomb Group"
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