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Bombsight Mechanics - Guam 1945

L to R Standing: Cpl Irvin Heng, Sgt Grady P. Hinton, Sgt Clifford R. Keisker, Tommy ?, Fred Doocy. In Front: Cpl Joseph G. Lollo

The following men are known to have been bombsight mechanics (MOS 683):

60th BS S/Sgt Vernon J. Clise
60th BS Sgt Grady P. Hinton
60th BS S/Sgt Edward F. Kornblith
61st BS Sgt George K. Aharonian
61st BS S/Sgt Fred J. Doocy
61st BS Sgt Clifford R. Keisker
62nd BS Cpl Irvin J. Heng
62nd BS Cpl Joseph G. Lollo

 Armament Section
Bombsight Mechanic

Honor Roll
S/Sgt Clifford R. Keiser
61st BS Bombsight Mechanic
06 November 2004
Sgt Edward F. Kornblith
60th BS Bombsight Mechanic
31 July 2009

We came under Armament Section. Captain Mahoney was in charge but left my small group of mechanics free to do our work.

The use of the sight was important early. The equipment connected with it "the Auto Pilot" was used much more than expected, so we spent as considerable effort on the Auto Pilot and its parts.

We operated as a group; 3 from each Squadron.

I am quite sure that I checked the equipment on all the planes in the group several times..On a few occasions Mahoney, as the result of problems on a mission "bombs did not release ", asked me to test the bombing euipment in flight 100-pound bombs were loaded and we "bombed" Rota.

Rota is a small island nearby that still had a few Japs. I don't think the bombs did much damage and their rifle fire did not reach us.

Fred J. Doocy

L to R:
S/Sgt Edward Kornblith, Sgt Grady Hinton, Sgt Jack Monier and S/Sgt Fred Doocy

Thanks to Fred J. Doocy for providing these photos you may contact him via email by click here and thanks to Ed Kornblith for identifying the men in the above photo
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Source: Fred J. Doocy, Ed Kornblith; various 39th BG orders
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