39th Bomb Group (VH)
Crew 6

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Reunion of Crew 6
Ray Schwartz located Bertha de Martinez, formerly Bertha Garcia, widow of Estaban (Steve) Garcia, Jr. who had died from burns injuries four days after the crash. After 44 years, Thomas Sanchez, Laredo Morning Times writer, aided Ray. On March 7, 1989 the story about Estaban was written in an effort to locate Garcia's wife. The plea was a success. Bertha is now living in Mexico City near their son who was born only 5 months after his father's death.

On April 10 - 12, 1992, Ray and his wife, Belvia, Ed Flynn; AC and his wife, Jean, and Jim Regopoulos, former CFC Gunner of the crew and his son, Ken, met in the city of Laredo with the surviving family of Steve. These included two sisters, two brothers and their spouses, and his wife, Bertha now residing in Mexico City. There they also met Estaban's son, who is a doctor, along with his family.

Estaban would have been proud. It was joyous, though belated, occasion for all. Ray Schwartz's long search for Bertha and her family was now concluded - his mission, at last, accomplished.

August 10-13, 2000
Savannah, GA.

Crew 6 Family Aug 2000
Photo Courtesy of Ray Schwartz

In August 2000 - the surviving members of Original Crew 6 attended the 39th Bomb Group Reunion held in Savannah, GA. included were (left to right) Ed Flynn, Aircraft Commander; Andy Slivka, Bbombardier; Ray Schwartz, Radio Op his wife Belva; Amalia (Molly) McGrew(sister of Steve Garcia, Jr.), and Bertha de Martinez (Widow of Steve Garcia, Jr.).
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