39th Bomb Group (VH)

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"City of Charleston" (WV)
"Little George, Jr." 
 B-29 # 44-69791

P-27 in formation
P-27 in Formation Over Japan
In the background are P-28, Major Charles Miller's Crew, P-21 Capt William Senger's Crew and P-37, Capt Bernard Heimlich's Crew

Standing L to R:
1st Lt Thomas A. Cronin Navigator
1st Lt James L. Taylor Bombardier 
Capt George H. Walsh Airplane Commander 
Capt Anthony Quesada  Radar Observer
1st Lt Harry D. Hink Pilot
Sgt Gerald C. Kelly Radio Operator
Kneeling L to R:
S/Sgt Arthur Loera  CFC Gunner
S/Sgt Frank C. Wien Tail Gunner
Sgt Stanley Westover, Jr. Left Gunner
F/O John P. Eckert  Flight Engineer
S/Sgt Robert Wendels Right Gunner

Crew 27
Honor Roll
Capt George H. Walsh
Airplane Commander
S/Sgt Frank Wien
Tail Gunner
June 1978
F/O John P. Eckert
Flight Engineer
7 September 1995
S/Sgt Arthur Loera
CFC Gunner
24 February 2001
Sgt Stanley Westover
Left Gunner
01 April 2001
1st Lt James L. Taylor
13 September 2001
1st Lt Thomas A. Cronin
13 June 2002
Capt Anthony Quesada
Radar Observer
14 January 2006
M/Sgt Cecil G. Beverly
Crew Chief
09 February 2007
1st Lt. Harry D. Hink
19 October 2013


8 April 2014 - added Harry D. Hink to Crew Honor Roll

14 Nov 2008 - added James L. Taylor, Bombardier to Crew Honor Roll

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Source: "History of the 39th Bomb Group"; Harry D. Hink, Pilot