39th Bomb Group (VH)

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"Rainbow's End"
B-29 # 42-93974
(formerly P-58's The Uninvited")
L to R Kneeling:
Arlie M. Mercer Right Gunner?
T/Sgt Frank H. Kinzel Flight Engineer
Jerome E. Healy Radio Operator
S/Sgt James L. Pickering Left Gunner
Walter Lindsey Tail Gunner?
Arthur B. Chase CFC Gunner?
L to R Standing:
1st Lt William F. Stover Radar Observer
1st Lt Paul E. Hemp Navigator
1st Lt Charles A. Wagner Pilot
Capt John B. Halverson Airplane Commander
1st Lt Charles L. Gaal Bombardier

Halveston Crew
Honor Roll 
1st Lt William F. Stover
Radar Observer
30 December 1988
Jerome E. Healy
Radio Operator
23 October 1990

The "Rainbow's End" crew, under Aircraft Commander John B. "Hal " Halverson, flew a total of nine combat missions off North Field, Guam between July 17 and Sept 2, 1945 (including power display missions on August 30 and Sept 2).

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Source: Charles Gaal, Paul Hemp, Charles Wagner