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2003 Reunion York, PA

Capt. Joseph Semanek, AC, P-23 S/Sgt James W. Wyckoff, P-30, RG S/Sgt George Tilghman, LG, P-01R1 Sgt Robert Weiler, LG, P-30 Cpl Eugene Palombo, Sht Metal, 60th BS S/Sgt Albert L. Fierro, LG, P-41 S/Sgt Frank J. Wrublevski, LG, P-37 Sgt David L. Hirsch, TG, P-55/LG P-50 1st Lt George Kelcec, 60th BS 1st Lt Arthur Swanberg, Radar, P-30 S/Sgt John W. Bowman, LG, P-11R Sgt Marvin Rodich, Crew Chief, P-59 Sgt Norman Brug, Mechanic, P-31R 1st Lt Bernard Greene, Bombardier, P-31R Sgt Edward Kosmowski, Asst Crew Chief, P-8 E. Dale Fisk, 314th HQ S/Sgt Bernard S. Kaplin, TG, P-56 S/Sgt Joseph J. Jacaruso, TG, P-47 S/Sgt Charles E. Orf, Crew Chief, P-1 Cpl Kenneth J. Setzer, 60th BS, Mechanic F/O Theodore J. Kalenterides, FE, P-49 S/Sgt David H. Fisher, Radio Op, P-55 Melvin Hicks, 52nd SeaBees S/Sgt James Schwoegler, Radio Op, P-30
Some 2003 39th Bomb Group (VH) attendees
Photo Courtesy of Chris Athey, son of Samuel G. Athey, P-52R, 62nd BS
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The photos below are courtesy of Kathy Blake
daughter of Bernie Kaplin, TG, P-56

Front to Back:
Mary Rudolph and her father Jim Schwoegler talk with Melvin and Jeanette Hicks
L to R:
Norman and Norma Brug

Assoc President Jim Wyckoff
and his wife Betty

Ted Kalenterides, FE, P-49
L to R:
Barb Karafinski, daughter of Bernie Kaplin, Jean Kosmowski and Irene Foster

L to R:
Pete Weiler (webmaster), son of Robert Weiler, Irene and Marion (Bud) Foster, LG, P-48
Ann and Joe Jacaruso, TG, P-47

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