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2001 Reunion
Wichita, Kansas

L to R: Carmine Camerlino,RO, P-8; Jean & Ed Kosmowski, Asst. Crew Chief, P-8; Tony Quesada, Staff Radar; John Danhof, Crew Chief, P-8, Leo, AC, P-8 and Eolene Lewis

L to R: William "Sully" Sullivan, AC, P-15; his daughter Rosamond and his wife Berene; Hollis Logan, RO, P-06R; Nan & Rowland Ball, Nav, P-3

L to R: Frank Wrubleviski, LG, P-37 and his wife Mary; George Tilghman, LG, P-01R1; Don Hetherington, Pilot, P-16 (center) with his son & wife

L to R: Dorothy & Vic Durrance, TG, P-21; Bobby & Mark Kovac, sons of Albert Kovac, CFC, P-57

Marvin & Emily Rodich
Crew Chief, P-59

L to R: Arthur & Alice Swanburg, Radar; Bob & Louise Weiler, LG; James & Betty Wyckoff, RG
Clockwise: Emily Rodich, Elmo Huston, FE, P-7; Bob (LG) & Louise Weiler; Alice & Art ( Radar) Swanberg; Jim (RG) & Betty Wyckoff, P-30 - photo courtesy of Marvin Rodich, Crew Chief, P-59

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