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2000 Reunion
Savannah - Garden City, GA.

The negatives of the following photos were provided by Marvin Rodich (Crew Chief, P-59).
Thanks to Marvin Demanzuk, (Radar, P-2) for scanning the negatives.
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Above is the Master's Inn Garden City which was our reunion headquarter.

L to R: Ed Kosmowski, David Potters, Leo Lewis, Joe Semanek, Tony Quesada
Rowland (Nav, P3) and Nan Ball

Front end of table:
Pete Weiler, Dorothy & Vic Durrance, Bob & Louise Weiler, Marvin & Emily Rodich

Front end of table:
James Wyckoff, William Costa, Betty Wyckoff, Lida Costa, Marvin Rodich, Emily Rodich

Left Side of table: Irene Foster, Betty & Jim Wyckoff

Right side of table: Marion "Bud" Foster, Charlie & Dorothy Orf

Left side of table: Marion "Bud" Foster, Lida Costa Marvin & Emily Rodich

Right Side of table: Irene Foster, William Costa, Bob & Louise Weiler

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